Making The Unabashed Dress

A few days ago, it was announced that a new dress was about to drop in the Fashion Not Fear Collection.

A rough sketch was released to give you an idea on what the dress will look like. And I do mean rough because I am no artist!

Fashion illustration of dress

Creating these days are completely different from before becoming a mother. My son doesn’t care that I have to cut fabric, how much sewing I need to do, or that I need to keep the Fashion Not Fear readers updated on the progress. All he knows is that he wants his Mama and I better pick him up now! Soooo, creating looks completely different these days.

I had to take it to the floor when it came to cutting the fabric. For some reason, that was the only place he was comfortable. Thank God all pieces are laundered after completed.

The material for the Unabashed Dress is everything! It’s soft, silky, and very stretchy. In other words, this piece is super comfortable.

Looks like your stay at home days are about to get more stylish! 😚

Feast your eyes on the Unabashed Dress!

Thoughts on the Unabashed Dress?? I’d love to get your honest opinion on the comments…

(P.S…if you’re feeling it, you can cop it on the site for just $40!)

Stay Fearless 💋

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