What Stops People From Reaching Their Fitness Goals?

We all want to be as fit and healthy as possible. Alas, sometimes that’s easier said than done. If we’re going to be our fittest self, then we’ll need to be motivated to get started. But that’s not all. While it would be nice to think that our determination would see us reach our goals, that’s not the case. Oftentimes, people make a few key errors that help their progress back. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the more common mistakes, and also offer advice on how you can maximize the results from your efforts.

There’s No Plan

You can’t just walk blind and hope to reach the top of the mountain. You need to plan a route for how you’ll get there. The same principle can be applied to fitness. While it’s fine to just freestyle your gym efforts while you’re still getting into the habit of going, soon you’ll want to come up with a plan that’ll lead to results. There’s a right and wrong way to do things, after all. So take time to think about what you’re trying to achieve from your exercise efforts, and make sure you’re doing the things that’ll lead to the results you’re looking for.

Making the Same Mistakes

Some people fall into the trap of thinking that, because they’re doing exercise, they’re able to do whatever they want. But this isn’t the case. Your efforts at the gym (or wherever else) will be the starting point; they’re not everything. Let’s think about this: how much progress could a person expect to make if they visit the gym for one hour twice a week, but spend the rest of their time lying on the couch? If you’re going to reach your fitness goals, then it’s a good idea to look at wholesale lifestyle changes. What aspects of your current lifestyle are compromising your fitness? Making these subtle yet impactful changes can make a big difference.

Correct Technique

It’s all good and well visiting a gym and working up a sweat, but if you’re not using the correct technique, then it’s likely that you’re not making as much progress as you might think. Before you dive too deep into your workout regime, make sure that you’re using the equipment correctly. An hour spent with a professional can do a world of good, for instance. They’ll be able to correct your technique and also offer many other useful pieces of information that’ll allow you to get the most from your workout.

Cheat Days

As we mentioned earlier, it’s also to fall into the trap of thinking that, just because you’re working, you’re able to do whatever you want. This can involve living a lifestyle that’s far too sedentary, but also eating unhealthy foods. You may be able to keep the status quo in place by hitting the gym, but you won’t make as much progress as you would like. So try to limit the number of ‘cheat days’ that you have. Eating an unhealthy meal every couple of weeks won’t make much of a difference. Eating fast food after every workout because you’ve earned it will have a negative impact, however. So do your best to have a mindful approach to the food that you’re eating; it really will make a difference.

Maximizing Returns

We’re always learning more about fitness and the right and wrong ways to undertake a fitness journey. There are things you can do that can push you in the right direction by giving you a slight edge. For example, you’ll find that you build more muscle by eating high-protein foods in the thirty minutes following a big workout. It’s not just about what you do after the workout, either — your mindset during the workout can also make a big difference. The Mind Muscle Connection is a science-backed approach that can yield great results, for instance. If you’re looking to get the most from your workouts, then these are the kinds of things that you should be thinking about. 

A Lack of Consistency

Once you’ve found your ideal workout routine, be sure to stick with it. Jumping around too much will just confuse your body. Remain consistent and committed to what you’re doing when you’re working out at the gym.

No Time

We’re all busier than ever before. We all have many responsibilities, which means we can’t always do what we would like to do. And this, of course, includes working out. While you might be excited to begin your fitness journey, if you don’t have much time, then there’s only so much you can do. While you can’t magic more time out of thin air, there are things you can do that’ll help save time. For example, you could prepare a gym bag so that all you need to do is grab the bag on your way out and head to the gym. It’s also recommended that you choose a gym that’s close to your home. You might be lured by the facilities or price of one gym in your area, but if it’s too far away, then you’ll be less inclined to make the trip, especially if you don’t have much time to work with.

Elsewhere, you can look at how you’re spending your time. Many people think they’ve got no free time, but when you actually take a closer look at things, you might find that you’re spending many hours doing, well, nothing at all. Many people claim that they have much more free time when they give up social media (and overall smartphone usage), for example. It’s all about priorities. If you want to get fit and healthy, then you might have to sacrifice some of the time you spend doing other things. 

It’s Not Enjoyable

Everything is so much easier to do if we enjoy the activity. When it comes to getting into shape and improving your fitness, it’s recommended that you find an activity that you inherently enjoy. Most people choose to spend time in the gym because they have everything you need to get fit. But if you’re one of those people that really doesn’t like the gym, then it’ll be best to find a different activity instead. There are plenty to choose from! And while other activities may not be as effective as spending time in the gym, ultimately, if you end up doing another activity frequently, you’ll see results. It’s much better to spend 3 -4 hours a week doing something you like rather than forcing yourself to spend an hour in the gym.

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