This Pandemic Has Affected My Style, How Bout You?

Before the pandemic, I was all about dressing up. I’m talking form-fitting dress, heels and the perfect accessories to match. This was my go-to look all day, everyday.

Although, I still love wearing dresses, I can’t tell you the last time I’ve worn heels (even though I’ve bought new ones) and my accessories are very minimal. It’s so bad these days that I think I’m doing good when I’ve changed out of my night clothes from the night before. To say my style has changed since this whole COVID thing is an understatement.

Here’s how I noticed things have changed…

I’ve been working from home for the past several years. While my fiancé works out of the home. Before the pandemic, even on my lazy days, I’d make sure that I was “cute” before he got in the house this evening. I mean, it was so important for me that he likes what he sees when came home. This is still super important to me but nowadays, my idea of being “cute” when he gets home is brushing my teeth and making sure my oversized shirt has no stains on it. There was a day during the pandemic when I found out all of the effort didn’t matter as much as I thought it did.

I put on a cute dress, light makeup, did a lik’ extra something to my hair. I even put the shoes that I would wear with the outfit by the door so he can capture the entire look. About an hour after he got home, I started to started making dinner. Before I got into it he says, “are you gonna put on something more comfortable?” I reply, “I wanted to look cute for you!” His response was the best;

I’ve been in full quarantine looks ever since. Oversized tees, biking shorts, t-shirt dresses, etc. It’s one of the best compliments he could’ve ever given me.

The lounging, comfy clothes have been fun. But I’ll admit that I can’t wait to put on a sexy dress, heels, and red lipstick to celebrate the re-opening of the city (COVID free, of course). Until then, you’ll find me working at home in my comfy, oversized tees.

What about you? Has the pandemic changed your style? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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