10 Things You Can Do With Your Love While On Lockdown (So You Wont Kill Eachother)

This quarantine isn’t easy for anybody. For me, I haven’t gone stir crazy. I mean not yet anyway. I guess because I worry about my family so much. (Not that no one else does.). But I’m the type of person who talks to my fiancé his entire ride as he heads to work, because I like knowing he arrived in one piece. I pray for his safety while he’s gone. Then we check on eachother by text or phone throughout the day. After work, we talk the entire ride home. Honestly, we are like this anytime we leave eachother. Sooo, knowing that he’s safe and secure at home with me is just the way I like things. He likes it too. (I think. Lol)

With the stay-at-home order in place, I’ve had more down time on my hands. To say the least. I’ve found myself doing much more social media scrolling and interview watching than ever before. One common topic has been how hard the quarantine has been on couples relationships. It’s kind of sad when you think about. We haven’t been on quarantine but a few weeks, at most. And if you’re bout to kill eachother in this small amount of time, what’s to happen when it gets extended? (Because I’m sure it will.)

I’m no professional or anything but here are some things we’ve done as a couple to keep the love during lockup.

#1 Break out the Board Games – Monopoly or Scrabble might have sounded like wack childs play before quarantine but try it now. Loads of fun! No seriously.

#2 Watch Concert & DJ Live-streams On IG – There are so many artists right now doing music competitions and concerts. This past weekend we watched a battle between T-Pain and Lil’ Jon. It was amazing! We turned it up loud, my fiancé had some drinks, and we danced like we were in the club. Don’t sleep on them. It’s a good time!

#3 Trying new recipes to make together. Cooking is always a good way to bond. Who doesn’t like to eat. There are tons of places online to get food inspiration and new recipes. Finding new ones should be easy. As a matter of fact, my timeline is full of them. 🤦🏾‍♀️.

#4 Have a Spa-day! Give eachother a mani/pedi or a massage. Break out those face masks you’ve had under the bathroom cabinet forever. He may have said “no” to a mask before. But it should be easy to convince him now. What else is he doing?

#5 Play video games…together. You might be used to him doing his own thing when it comes to gaming. I know I am. But change it up and play with him. Try upping the ante by betting a dollar on the game, or maybe the winner has to strip?! He’ll love playing with you after that. Guaranteed!

#6 Get your alone time. No matter how much you love and adore eachother. We all need a break at some point. When you feel the need to get away, do that! Go to a different room and do your hobbies, watch your “girly” show he doesn’t like, or read a book. Whatever you like to do on your alone time is up to you. This will give him time to do his, too.

#7 Take a night stroll – Sure, you can certainly go out and take a walk during the day. But I’ve found there to be lots of people out at that time doing the same thing. There’s something romantic about going out at night and taking a nice stroll around your neighborhood.

#8 Netflix, Hulu, Prime & Chill – I’m sure this is not a new one on your list, by any means. But now you have more time than ever to binge on a a new show or a classic you’ve always wanted to watch. Gather some snacks and enjoy!

#9 Become An Artist – Creating a piece of art on canvas is simple and super inexpensive. All you need is canvas, paint, brushes and your creativity. Plus, you can online shop at several places, Michaels.com, for instance, and they will bring it out and put it in your trunk for you. You don’t even have to get dressed!

#10 Make It A Karaoke Night – You can go on YouTube and find lyrics to almost any song. If you don’t have a microphone, use a brush, or anything you can get your hands on. Then sing the night away!

These ideas should keep the two of you occupied for a while. Another tip is to be patient, this won’t last forever. And when you feel him getting on your last nerve, remember why you fell in love in the first place.

Which are your favorite tips?? What would you add?? Drop them in the comments…

Stay Safe & Fearless 💋

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