A New Spring-Approved Dress Was Released In The Floreal Collection And You MUST See it!!

The Garden party dress is the latest drop in the Floreal Collection from Fashion Not Fear Collection  As you know, things a bit different from other designers.  

There is no planning involved when we start a collection.  The way I usually do it is like this.    

I go out and shop for textiles that grab my attention or that I will are different and will grab YOUR attention.  More than likely, I already have some ideas in mind of what styles I would like to make.  Then, I buy the desired fabric.  The amount of fabric purchased depends on the budget is set that particular shopping trip.  I tend to lean towards the limited stock.  The more unique, the better!  Which is why I always tell people to buy it if you like it because you might never see it again.  But we every single portion of fabric until it is all gone.   Doing our part in sustainability!  💁🏽‍♀️

That is no different with the Floreal Garden Party Dress that we just released.  This dress is one of my personal favorites because it is just so girly.  From the Spring-ready print, how the middle accentuates the waist, to the way the dress falls gracefully above the ankle.  

Floral Garden Party Dress $46.99

floral printed women's dress

This Garden Party Dress dress goes right in line with all of the other feminine pieces created with the Floreal fabric.

       Short Sleeve Floreal Top $19.99 & Floreal Skirt $63

floral printed short sleeve top and matching skirt

Floreal Crop Top $25

floral retro crop top and matching skirt

Short Sleeve Floreal Top $19.99 


All pieces are limited!  So, don’t miss your chance to to wear one of these pieces.  Which ones could you see yourself rocking??  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


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