When The Inside Is Just As Pretty As The Outside

When you wear something, the outside of the garment is what the world sees.  The person not wearing the garment, doesn’t get to see what’s on the inside. Which is the way it is supposed to be but have you ever heard;

“It’s what’s on the inside that counts?”

That saying can apply to fashion, too!

In my quest to make Fashion Not Fear THE label to wear, I continue to try to push my skills.  Constantly, researching details that can set this label apart from others.  In doing so, there’s one topic that kept revealing itself…making the inside just as pretty as the outside.

When you are shopping for pieces, do you ever think about turning it inside out to see what the inside is working with? Most of us don’t.  We normally see something hanging on a rack or online, fall in love with how it looks and buy it. But, have you ever looked at the details inside of the garment?

What do seams look like? Is there thread hanging everywhere or does it look polished?  How’s the zipper or button holding up?

There’s so many things to consider.

Making the garment look pretty on the inside doesn’t just improve its’ appearance. It also adds to the strength and durability of a piece.  Who wants to spend their hard earned money on something that will bust out of the seams as soon as you slide it on?

With this new information in tow, I started working on what’s on the “inside” of bustier being created for the next drop in the FNF line.

Satin bustier for women6224A739-9320-4E84-8EAC-24CFE628065804D75975-536A-4FA0-A740-FC0EC539A288Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

What are your thoughts on the garments inside? Does it matter to you or nawl?? Let me know in the comments…

Plus, watch out for the drop of the Bodacious Bustier on Monday!

Stay Fearless 💋

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