When A Sketch Comes To Life: Meet The Valorous Skirt

Happy Monday to you!! I hope this past weekend gave you everything you needed to make this a great week.

I’ve been hinting about new releases from the Fashion Not Fear Collection for the past few weeks on the blog and social media. Well, the wait is finally over!

The Valorous Skirt is here.

This textured beauty turned out exactly how I imagined it. Although, it took much more time than it usually takes to produce a skirt. But there is a reason for that.

The reason? Two words…couture details. I’ve been doing lots of research on techniques that can take a skirt from good to amazing. Each time, couture details has come to the forefront. They are seemingly small sewing techniques but they pack a major style punch when it comes to fitting, stability, and improves the overall construction, for sure.

Some of the couture details the Valorous Skirt has been lucky to receive is ribbon hemming and hand-stitched zipper. Both of which make that garment look good from the inside out.

The texture of the skirt sticks out, literally. The print is so unique.

The oversized pockets stick out just enough to create a structured skirt that is everything. Yes, it has pockets!!!

It comes in sizes small to extra large. As you know, Fashion Not Fear pieces are limited. So don’t hesitate to cop yours.

Thoughts on the Valorous Skirt? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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