Classics vs Trends: Which Side Are You On?

Certain events occur that create a trend in fashion. Most of the time; it’s one of two ways.

Fashion not fear on the runway

One way; usually happens at the beginning of a season. This is when the “big designers” are doing runway shows to premiere their new designs. When multiple designers put similar styles on the runway, a trend ensues. It only takes a select few designers to put a dress with a big ass, furry dog attached to the front. Next thing you know, they are everywhere!

Michelle Obama in Austin
Michelle Obama (Becoming Tour in Austin, Tx)

Celebrities are the second way a trend usually pops up.  Once a couple of celebrities are caught wearing something; it’s over.   Trendsetter articles and pictures start popping up everything demanding that we all know that this certain trendis the next big thing.  Problem is, trends are here today.  Gone tomorrow or maybe a few days later but you get it.

Red tank top for women
The Lipstick Top

Then, there are classics.  Classics are style staples.  They don’t need the help of a runway show or reality star.  Unfortunately, they don’t get all of the praise.

Polka dot skirt
Right On The Dot Skirt

A classic has been in the game much longer than a trend and they will be around long after the trend fades out.  Examples of classics are pencil skirts; button up collared tops, cigarette pants, shift dresses, and leather skirts.  They never go out of style. Classic tend to have more of a tailored fit and are complimentary to all body types.  These are pieces that your Grandma, your Grandmamas mama, and even her Mama wore!

Sewing handmade skirt

Can I incorporate both in the new pieces being worked on right now?

Some of the pieces released in the Fashion Not Fear Collection are slightlyon the trend side.  For instance, the Serious Business Top and Skirt set, is slightly on the trend side.  I say slightlybecause the straight skirt that is included in the set is classic, all day long!  Also, you can wear the top with a classic pair of jeans and you’re good to go.

Just Cooling Set

The Just Cooling Set is a classic style but with trendy details like the split cut sleeve on the blazer.

The question is; “What side are you on?”  When I went to answer that question for myself, I started to replay some of my best fashion moments.  That time I wore a fringe back mini dress during my first runway show. The monochromatic sheer outfit I wore to a Irun Kiko show. Then there’s every single look I wear when my fiancé says; “Get dressed, i’m taking you out.”  Or whenever a text saying; “Want to go do something tonight?”  pops up on my phone. These are fashion moments. All of them are, for sure.  Reliving those fashion moments helped me to see that I’ve always had a love for classics!  But I’d throw in a trend here and there to keep it updated and interesting.  Admittedly, there have been times when I knew the look wouldn’t last through the season. But it was so cute, I didn’t even care. Seems like I’ve been straddling the fashion fence. 🤷🏽‍♀️That’s okay, isn’t it??

Gold black fringe dress
Goldie Dress

What about you?? Classics or trends?? Or do you tend to straddle the fashion fence.  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

2 thoughts on “Classics vs Trends: Which Side Are You On?

  1. I have always been partial to classics. Although, I do mix trendy into my style if I feel it is an extension to my personality and also if it flatters my body type. “Trends” have a tendency to become cliché . I think to really pull of trends in the true sense requires a strong sense of style and persona. Otherwise one can risk being a clone of the trend among many other such clones.

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