I Almost Passed Out When I Was Asked To Participate In This.

A few months back, I received an email that left me stunned…

It read (in part)

“I am curating an exhibit at the Institute of Texan Cultures (A Smithsonian Affiliate museum) to feature Black designers. I am looking for original designs that can be put on display. That can be clothing, shoes, accessories doesn’t matter just as long as it is an original design by a Black designer from or in Texas.”

YES!!!!! Was my answer before I got to the part where she asked if I was interested.

She went on to say it will be on display in September. She also said a sketch of the item will be needed for approval.

I couldn’t believe she asked me. It was such a big deal. I had to knock it out of the park.

I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use for the dress. It had a unique pleated design that I’d been eyeing for a very, long time. Plus, it came in the PERFECT shade of blue.

I whipped up a sketch of my dress idea and sent it to her by email. Providing all of the fabric details (of course!)

Fashion not fear blue dress illustration

She loved the idea!

“What will the dress be made of?” – she asked.

“Pleated chiffon.” I proudly answered.

So, it was set! I would be making a dress to be displayed in a museum for all to see. Plus, I was asked in May, the display wasn’t until September so I had plenty of time! Right??


I received a follow up email in June asking about the status of the dress. I had the sketch and knew where I going to buy the fabric from. That was about it.

Why is she asking so early was my first thought. Instead, I told her about my progress or lack of.

Can you have it don’t by July 20th?” was her reply.

“Sure!” I answered. But I was sweating bullets. Then, I felt puke at the back of my throat.I thought I had a good 4 weeks!

The weeklong family vacation that was already planned and paid for left me with only 1 week to make this dress!!!

Could I do it?? I knew I work good under pressure but this type of pressure was too much! It is too soon in my sewing career to think making this dress was going to be a piece of cake. Something ALWAYS goes wrong. Always.

And it did! First up, I found out that the fabric couldn’t get to me in time. I needed this fabric!! What was I going to do??

Make it happen! That’s what. And that what I did.

After a week of sleepless nights filled with looking for new fabric and sewing; the dress was safely dropped off to a coordinator at the Texas Cultures Institute in San Antonio, Tx.

The design is a bit different from the sketch. Especially since I had to change the fabric. But I love it so much! Stay tuned to find out how the dress turned out and how you can go check it out in person.

Thoughts?? Let me know something special you have going on right now in the comments

Stay Fearless 💋