Sustainable Fashion: Is BLB Contributing?? 🤔

Sustainable Fashion. It was something that I’d heard about here and there. Through all of the articles I read each day, one that was discussing details about sustainable fashion, wasn’t a topic that I considered to be click worthy.

Until recently.

My intrigue increased during one of my Netflix and chill sessions. I ran come across some documentaries that was about sustainability in fashion.

Then, members in a few groups that I’m in posted about watching some and highly recommended them. I took note.

After doing my research and finding out exactly what sustainable fashion was, I wondered if my business would be considered sustainable??

The process of taking a garment from nothing to something can greatly effect the environment. From transportation emissions to filling up landfills with tons of unused fabric. More than 20 billion tons according to some reports.

Sustainable fashion is meant to curb that. If you arent familiar with the term, Sustainable Fashion basically refers to apparel companies who take certain measures to reduce their carbon footprint. This can be done reducing their factories, changing their dyeing process, reducing textile waste, etc.

Without intention, here are some ways BLB is contributing to sustainability. (I think.)

Cutting fabric patterns

  • The fabric used to make the handmade collection, Fashion Not Fear, is purchased in very small quantities.
  • Making handmade styles
    • The remaining scraps are used to make random small things…headbands, crops, belts, headwraps, etc.
  • Handmade matching burgundy top and skirt set
    • Pieces are sold in sets. The more someone can switch up the same style, the less they might waste but something they will never wear.
    • Big companies use multiple trucks and factories to run their business. Blue Labels Boutique using a compact SUV for everything. Besides the Priority Mail used for shopping.
  • Spools of fabric
    • Textiles used to make Fashion Not Fear come from various places. I make it a priority to shop from small mom and pop style shops. Shopping with them keeps us and them from contributing to impacts on the environment.
  • Spools of thread
    • Any fabric that absolutely, positively can’t be used is donated to various charities.

    Does it sound like BLB is contributing to sustainability? Does sustainable fashion matter to you or no??? Let me know in the comments…

    Stay Fearless 💋