Same Print, Different Background

With all of the handmade pieces made for Fashion Not Fear, I’ve learned a few things about what people like.

One thing is for sure, Fashion Not Fear shoppers love a good print.

When I go out shopping for new fabrics, something that stands out with uniqueness is top of my list.

The first time, the Floreal printed set debut at a pop up shop, it sold out almost immediately.

“I love this print.”, “Where do you get your fabrics?” and “This color is so pretty.” are just some of the compliments the set received that day. From that moment; I knew that I had to make more with that fabric.

So imagine my extreme excitement when I went back to the fabric spot and found the same print with a different background color. I HAD to have it.

“I will take all you have.” I told the clerk. She rang me up and I happily skipped out of the store.

Floral printed handmade dress

That is how the Gallant Dress was born. If everyone loved the print on the ivory background; they will fall head over heels for it on the black background.

Which is your favorite: cream or black background? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless ๐Ÿ’‹

Floral printed top and skirt set

Gallant Dress $49

Black floral printed fabric

Floreal Top $25 | Floreal Skirt $63

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