The Makings Of The Dark Romance Dress

The Dark Romance Dress was released at BLB a couple of weeks back as part of the Fashion Not Fear Collection.  It hit the runway for the first time at the SPIRIT Fashion Show.

It was the first dress that hit the runway and one of the dresses that I was worried about the most.  Using textiles that are new to me along with a pattern style that is completely different from what I used to; made this was one of the hardest dresses that I have made.

The fabric is a chiffon type of material that has a textured pattern of burgundy.  It also  has a slight bit of shine to it with layers of ruffles.  It is so girly!

Here is how it looked layer by layer:

sewing top part of burgundy dressback part of burgundy dressfirst tier of burgundy dressfull burgundy dress on mannequin

This dress was a true labor of love but I remember the exact moment I realized this is a HOT ass dress.  That moment is when Dominique Aruede graced the stage.  To say she killed it is an understatement!


📸 – @destinyldrburgundeydress.tiereddressdestinylrdrAPOLLO198

📸 – @destinyldr

burgundy dress with ruffles

📸 – @destinyldr

Thoughts on the Dark Romance Dress?  Let me know in the comments.

Stay Fearless 💋


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