Fun Bags

As of late, I found myself bored with my handbags. Seems like I’ve over-carried them all and was over it. So, each of them were neatly place in a dusting bag and put at the top of the closet.

Since then, I’ve been waking around just carrying my wallet. Which, seemed like a great idea at the time. And it still is in certain situations. But, there are times when I need to go handsfree and can’t go through the paranoia of wondering how the hell I put my wallet.

On handfree required days; I decided to change it up. Instead of going back to the closet for an oldie. I decided to try out the fun bags available at BLB. Why not, right?!

So, here are the two bags I’ve rocked.

Trash can bag

I carried the Trash Can Bag to the movies. It carried all of my stuff and snacks!

Studded bunny bag

The Studded Bunny bag was my companion on date night with my boo at a sushi bar. I need both hands when I’m eating sushi. One for the chopsticks and the other on my stomach. This bag was perfect for it.

Both worked out perfectly. Plus, the compliments I got when I went into them for something didn’t hurt either. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

Which is your favorite?! Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless πŸ’‹

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