The Life & Times OF A Fearless Entrepreneur Vol. 2

A daze.  That’s how I would describe the last few weeks.  It’s been a daze.  As I’ve told you before, BLB and FNF is a one woman show.  From blogging to running the online store, pop ups, monthly newsletters, designs, cutting patterns, finding fabric….I do it all.  So, anytime there is more added to my plate….I get overwhelmed.  But in a good way.  There is something about having alot of shit to do that makes me feel like I’m conquering the world.  

cutting dress patterns

So, needless to say when I accepted an invite to participate in the 2019 SPIRIT Fashion Show, I knew things were going to get….excitingly overwhelming!  You might’ve noticed that there has been a few gaps in my posting on the blog and social media lately.  The reason partially is because of the new designs I’m working on.  I can sew all day when I have a creative idea that I want to add to the store with little to no issues.  But that isn’t the case when I’m working on something that has a deadline for some reason. 

orange and black fabric

It seems like if a deadline is involved in what I am creating, everything can and will go wrong.  In the process of making the new looks for this show, I have experienced so many mishaps.  For instance, two orders of fabric were lost in the mail.  Okay not two…just one.  The other one was stolen off of my porch.  I was completely pissed about that, to say the least.  Since then, I’ve been giving my neighbors the side eye.  One of them took my damn package.  What are they going to do with 10 yards of red scuba knit fabric?  They could’ve even returned it back to my porch after seeing what it was.  I would’ve let it go.  But did that happen?  Nope.   I still haven’t gotten over it.  Can you tell?  

neon fabric on patterns

That is just one of the issues that have come up during this creative process for the students of CMU.  Fabric has gotten stuck in my sewing machine like never before.  I removed a pocket from a  dress and it created the BIGGEST hole you have ever seen.  There was no fabric available to remake it so the entire look was ditched. 

pink cut fabric

I can go on and on about all of the crap that has happen.  But I wouldn’t change any of it!  Sure, when I am in the middle of it, I want to rip my braids out!   After resolving the situation, I move on and try to forget all about the crying fit I just had over a broken needle.  As crazy as it sounds…it is all worth it.  The morning after I dropped out the 9 looks that will hit the runway, I couldn’t help to reflect on how tough things seemed.  

Looking at the postal receipt, I came to the realization how much I’d grown as a designer.  I mean, last year, was my first time putting my handmade designs on the runway.  It wasn’t all me though.  My mother and Aunt helped me to sew alot.  But not this year!  Every, single design was made by yours truly.  You will however, see the models wearing something on their face that was created by my mother.  I gave her a vision and let her do her thang.  They turned out amazing.  Can’t wait for you all to see.  

sewing lace gloves

Soooooo, make plans for the evening of April 6th to sit back and enjoy what is sure to be an amazing event!  Want to see what I’ve been working on??  You can go to for the show details and tickets if you will be in Pittsburgh.  If not, you can livestream the show.  Stay tuned because I will drop the link here and my social media platforms.  Also, look out for a signature cocktail recipe that you can enjoy at home while watching the show.  

Thanks for reading.  I gotta get back to it.  My fearless journey continues!  Let me know if you will be watching the show in the comments…

Stay Fearless   💋

5 thoughts on “The Life & Times OF A Fearless Entrepreneur Vol. 2

  1. Congrats on getting to participate in the SPIRIT Fashion Show. I truly admire anyone working in the fashion industry; It takes a lot of creativity and skill.

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