Soooo, here is what’s been going on for the last week + Pop Up Announcement

Happy Monday!  Firstly, apologies to you!  There is a new post here on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of each week like clockwork.  However, there weren’t any posts last week.  Its been a whole week since there has been a post on FNF.  I know how it can be when you get used to something and then things just…change.  Sorry for that.  Allow me to explain…

A couple of weeks ago, the announcement was made that Fashion Not Fear will be in the upcoming SPIRIT Fashion Show that is held at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on April 6th.  Since that announcement dropped, things have gotten REAL!  

sewing a bodice

My lineup consists of 9 models that range in a sizes from Xs to XXL.  Each style has to be imagined, sketched, pattern made and/or found, fabric sourced and cut, sewn, re-sewn (in some cases).  Its alot for one person.  But no complaints from me…because I LOVE this shit!  

Anyway, the before mentioned steps have to be done 9 times for this show.  Well, actually 8 times.  There will be a two piece set that was previously dropped that you will see in the show.  It just went with the theme so well that it was hard to leave it out.  

cutting fabric

Needless to say, I have been working non-stop for the past few weeks.  I’m surprised that I found the time to write this.  I just thought y’all needed to know the tea.  

In addition to all of this, Blue Labels Boutique will be popping up this weekend.  Saturday, you can come shop at the Night Lights Event in San Antonio.  You can check out their website for ticket information.  Hope to see you there!


Now, that you are fully informed, I’m headed back to the sewing machine.  Almost at the finish line!  Any guesses on which skirt set will be in the show??  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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