4 Ways To Add Culpability To Your Workout Regime

There are days when you want to hit the gym and burn off as many calories. Conversely, sometimes you want to sit in front of the TV and do nothing all day. The key is to find the right balance between exercise and rest, i.e. working out regularly. Everyone needs the motivation to don their Lycra workout gear and jump on the treadmill and you need to find your personal motivator. If you haven’t experienced it before, culpability may be the answer. When there are consequences to skipping, it’s tougher to make excuses.

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Here are four ways to add responsibility to your exercise regime.

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Exercise As A Team

There is nothing better than joining forces with a friend to reach your fitness goals. Together, you can spur each other on and encourage one another to push the envelope. On your own, it’s tough to work out in the first place never mind to try new things that are good for your health. On the flip side, you are tied into a partnership that doesn’t work without both parties. Therefore, you’ll feel guilty for wanting to skip your weekly power walk if you haven’t got a great excuse. Even then you won’t like the feeling of letting down your friend.

Use An App

Apps are the millennial way to lose weight and get fit. With the help of the App Store and your smartphone, you can log in at any time, anywhere in the world. By writing down your calorie intake, it’s easier to see if you are making errors or are on the right track. Plus, this Noom review points out that the application puts you in contact with a real-life coach. As a result, these people are willing to send reminders that range from gentle to a rocket up the butt if you shirk your duties. Again, it’s hard to dismiss.

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Log Your Calories

And that doesn’t only mean the ones you consume. As well as the stuff you eat, you need to focus on the things you burn off too. Why? It’s because counting all your kcal will give you the full picture. Subtracted from your daily allowance, you can figure out how many calories you should be eating on a given day to reach your targets. As a result, sneaking in a sugary snack won’t sit well in your head. After all, you know for sure that it’s taking a significant chunk from your budget. A good tip is to read the packaging for info.

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Take A Break

A rest day seems counterproductive yet it’s a useful tool. After one day off, you’ll feel as if you need to workout again very quickly. Otherwise, the feeling of a sedentary life takes over. So, taking two, three or four days off will make you sick to your stomach. Plus, a cheat day or a day off is essential to recharge your batteries and motivate yourself to go again after a long week.

The one thing an exercise regime needs is consequences for your actions. Does yours have any?

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