Is Valentines Day Overrated?

In a little less than two weeks, Valentines Day, will be here. Although, I love an excuse to get dressed up and go out, I must admit that I’ve recently been pondering the thought…is Valentines Day overrated?

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There was a time when I put a lot of stress on myself on Valentines Day. Things were different then. Before when I was just dating; I didn’t care if I got anything or not. Then after meeting my fiancé, we were in a long distance relationship, so the flowers sent to the office and expensive bags felt like necessary gifts. Seeing the flowers and carrying the bags made me feel like we were together. We didn’t get to see each other everyday. Therefore, those gestures meant everything to me.

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Fast forward to today and things have changed. I don’t know about your Valentines Day but I can sum up how mine normally goes. My fiancé and I wake up saying, “Happy Valentines Day” to each other (if we remember). Then, if we both have to work, that is exactly how the first part of the day is spent…working. After work, we resolve the daily dilemma.

What’s for dinner? Going out or eating in? What to stream on tv? What to drink (wine, or Saki 🤔).

This is a typical day for us when we don’t have plans. Spending time together at the end of each day is the priority.

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The only thing that differs on V-Day, these days, is that we might exchange cards. He may even bring flowers home. But whether he does or doesn’t…I’m great. Love is shown to me 364 days a week. There’s nothing he can do on this day that would make me feel more loved or appreciated. Love is an action. It’s something that should be displayed everyday not just once a year. And please don’t bring me a big box of chocolates! Who wants extra calories as a gift?? No thanks!

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You don’t need a special day to spend special time with your bae in a sexy dress.  I realized that love is an all day; everyday thing. Not a once a year thing. If you’re only feeling loved on Feb. 14th?? 🤔 Just saying.

What are your thoughts on Valentines Day?! Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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