The Life & Times Of A Fearless Entrepreneur Vol. 1

Its 2019!!!  Can you believe it?? 

I, for one, can’t even explain how happy I am that 2018 is over.  Last year, was probably the worst year of my life.  Not business-wise; on a personal level.  

cutting fabric

2018 started off amazing.  I made some new business connections, transitioned BLB from offering all types of womens clothes to becoming a dress only boutique.  Then, I took it to another level by creating a handcrafted collection. 

The year was really going well for me!  After making clothes for models in the SPIRIT Fashion Show,  I knew designing and sewing the clothes was exactly what I should’ve been doing all along.  It just felt right.   Although, it was always part of the plan, I’ll admit that I was always too afraid to get started.  damn fear.

blue labels boutique pop up shop

Selling Fashion Not Fear at various pop up shops, I was able to get instant feedback from people.   It’s so funny how scared I was to hear what people had to say about the dresses I created.  But it didn’t take long for me to realize that it was so important for me to suck it up (good or bad). Using their feedback as a tool to make the line even better was the key. And that is just what I was starting to do. Everything was going amazing.  Then the Summer hit…

mama and nephew holding hands at cemetery

I lost my Uncle and Dad within 2 months of each other during the Summer.  Two of the most important men in my life.  Gone.  Just like that.  Thing have been somewhat blurry since then.  

The rest of the year was totally different. Spending every single moment with my Mom to support her became the priority. It affected everything. Things with BLB, FNF, Bae…it was all fucked up. Sewing became more frustrating than ever before.  Crying fits while at a pop up was common. Don’t get me started on blogging or writing of any kind. 

It got to a point where I was counting the days since he had left us.  Eventually, my fiancé gave me a heart to heart talk about it.  “It’s not healthy to do that, baby.  I really don’t think you should be counting down the days like that.  Focus on more positive things about him.”  and more along those lines. He was right.  I was going down the wrong path and didn’t even realize it.    

lit christmas tree

Thanksgiving and Christmas was the worst, though.  We always have a big party on Christmas Eve and we kept the tradition alive this year.  However, my Mom and I spent the beginning of the party in her room crying like babies.  Mixing those tears with drinking New Orleans themed Hurricanes lead to a very interesting Christmas Eve.  To say the least.  

Photo by on

NYE celebration began the way I usually bring it in. With family, shit talking and champagne.  We laughed, cried, played games, and cried even more reminiscing about those we have lost.  The next morning, I did my usual New Year routine.  I cracked open my journal and wrote down my goals for the year.  Normally, I have a page full of stuff.  But not this time.  This years list had about 10 things on them.  10 really, big goals that would put me and business on another level.  All of which, I can accomplish.  

hanging clothes on rack

2018 gave me a serious reality check that this will all come to an end at some point. It has pushed me to want to do more than ever before.  I mean, I’ve always known that death is enviable.  The year taught me to cherish my loved ones and hustle my ass off.

Balance will be the key in 2019. No doubt. I’ve already began to make some moves that will lead to entirely new territory.  I can’t wait to share the journey. Look out for my monthly Life & Times Of A Fearless Entrepreneur update.  

For now though, I want to give 2018 a bag FUCK YOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUU!!!  And say Helloooooooooooooo, 2019, let’s do this!

How are you feeling about the New Year? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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