What To Do (And Wear) Tonight If You’re Staying In

There was a time when you couldn’t beat me going out on NYE. The planning for it started well before Christmas. From what to do, wear, drink, figuring out a budget, how to get there, appointing a designated driver…it was alot.

But I’ll admit that things changed about 5 years ago. It all began when my fiancé and I went drove to Austin. The day was spent looking for an outfit. Then we checked into a hotel and laid down to see how comfy the bed was. The next thing I knew….we woke up at 3am wondering what the hell happened. We both slept through NYE! Who does that?

From then on, my NYE celebration has been at home, a cousins house, my moms, etc. Im not against going out. I’ve just become a professional at home NYE celebrator. Plus, no designated driver is needed. Here is an easy NYE itinerary if you will be in the house tonight…

new year eve party at home 2019
nye party games

Straight easy but follow these simple steps to make a rememberable NYE night. Trust me! What’s on your agenda for tonight? Will you be staying in?? Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

2 thoughts on “What To Do (And Wear) Tonight If You’re Staying In

  1. We start planning our NYE celebration in September, for the last 5 years we always rsvp several hotel rooms downtown. It has kind of became a family tradition There’s music, food, lots of people, so much fun. Happy New Year!

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