Soaking Up The Last Days Of Summer In The Art Strokes Top

25 days until the official of Summer ’18.

Can you believe it?  Saying it aloud sounds unreal.  Summer just started, didn’t it?  Honestly, it was awesome on a business level…from making new connections, creating Fashion Not Fear; designs, collaborations and beyond.

Wish I could say the same on a personal level.  On a personal level, this has been the worst Summers of my life.  Simply put…losing loved ones is the worst.  There isn’t much else to say about that.

Rather than dwell on that, let’s focus on the good things about this Summer.  Like the Art Strokes Top.  This wrap top recently hit at the store and it has been in heavy rotation for me.  From jeans to denim shorts and everything in between!

sheer printed wrap top

 My family recently spent the day at a lake.  Although, I had a bathing suit that I was dying to wear.  I didn’t have a coverup.  Scanning through my closet, I quickly realized what an awesome coverup it makes.

 sheer floral printed wrap top

sheer printed wrap top

There is nothing like a relaxing day by the water with family and cocktails.  Might as well soak up the few days of sunny days that we have left.  Thoughts on the top??  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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Art Strokes Wrap Top $31

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