Woke Wear: Easy Ways To Make More Ethical Fashion Choices

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We all know that it’s not always easy being a fashionista. There was a time when we had to wait an entire season to see fashion must haves that could wreak havoc with our bank balances. Now they seem to come from out of nowhere on a weekly basis. Have a care when dating us because we can spend hours getting ready before deciding the moment before we reach the door that we need to completely change our outfits. But in the information age, fashionistas must also grapple with the moral implications of the clothes we choose to wear. But while we know more about the moral cost of looking great these days, the good news is that we can still look amazing without it coming at the expense of the environment or the liberties of the people who make your clothes. You don’t have to completely change your lifestyle, just follow these easy guidelines.


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Forego fast fashion


In today’s increasingly fast moving world it’s easy to see why fast fashion holds a certain appeal. In an age where we can’t get enough of the latest big thing, fashion bloggers and their following need a constant stream of content to sate their appetites. But the simple truth is this… Fast fashion cannot exist without exploitation. As easy as it is to turn a blind eye to the human suffering that’s behind every low cost garment you see on the shelves, woke fashionistas are no longer prepared to feed this beast. Give your money to smaller designers, online boutiques, second hand thrift stores and brands who have chosen to take a stand against this exploitative practice that profits from child labor.

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Buy less, repair more


Textile waste is an unspoken but egregious contributor to the environmental damage we’re doing to our planet. In fact, it’s estimated that in the US alone the average person generates 82 pounds of textile waste a year. That all adds up to a whole lot of damage to the environment. Just because we want to look gorgeous all year round doesn’t mean that we must continue to contribute to the disposable mentality that sees many fine items of clothing thrown in the trash when they can be totally redeemed with a needle and thread, a couple of YouTube tutorials and just a dash of patience.  


Wool gotta go


We all know that fur is murder, but far fewer of us think twice when deciding to wear wool. After all, we may tell ourselves, sheep need to be shorn anyway just as hens need to lay eggs. Why shouldn’t we reap the benefits? But while these statements may both be true in principal they oversimplify the matter and overlook the fact that both the wool and egg industries have been responsible for the mass suffering and slaughter of innocent animals. The argument that sheep are supposed to produce wool is a fallacy that leads to the inhumane and painful handling of animals that leads them invariably straight into the slaughterhouse. While wool is ubiquitous, it can be replaced by organic cotton, linen or hemp.


Looking good needn’t have a huge ethical price tag.  

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