How To Buy Meaningful Gifts

Want to make your gifts more meaningful? Here are a few tips for giving the ultimate present (it doesn’t have to be something expensive!).

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Buy them an experience

Experiences are great for the person who already has everything – you can never have too many experiences and they leave lasting memories that can outlive the impact of any practical gift. An experience could be anything from a theatre trip to a hot air balloon ride. It could even be an experience that you get to share with that person. There are experience packages that you can buy online – look out for vouchers and discounts that will save you money on these gifts. If you’re unsure of someone’s future plans, opt for flexible experiences that they can book themselves rather than concerts or theatre performances that may be restricted to a certain date.

Recount happy memories

A gift could be an opportunity to celebrate happy times in the past. Photographs are excellent for doing this – you could even create an album or a collage out of multiple photographs for recounting lots of memories. Alternatively, you may be able to find a souvenir of a happy time such an ornament that relates to a place you both went on holiday or a vinyl record that they used to own and lost.

Personalise your gift

Personalising a gift can make it more unique by giving it an individual appeal. Bespoke clothing is a great personalise gift – if you know someone’s measurements you could get a tailored jacket or dress made for them. You could also consider a custom necklace with their name engraved on or a tie with their name embroidered on it. Alternatively, you could link a gift to one of their hobbies or interests such as buying a necklace with a cat pendant for someone that loves cats. There are many companies which offer personalisation services.

Build your own gift

It may even be possible to craft your own gift from scratch. Making your own gift shows that that person is worth your time and energy and it can give you creative freedom to personalise it however you want. Such examples could include knitting a scarf for someone, creating a handmade necklace or baking a cake. Make sure that you give yourself enough time beforehand to craft this gift.

Ask them what they want

If you haven’t got any ideas, ask the person what they want. By getting something they actually have a desire for, your gift is certain to be more meaningful, even if it isn’t much of a surprise. Some people will humbly respond that they don’t want anything, which isn’t much help, but others will be glad that you asked. Most people won’t suggest anything too expensive, but for those that do (namely kids) you can always consider buying a gift as a joint present with other people.

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