3 Couples Share How They Knew Their Mate Was The One?

picture of married couple
Dr. Karen Phillips; 57 and her husband; 61

I am a relationship authority and help both men and women with this. Many years back I left my then Narcissistic relationship after marrying at age 21 years. To ensure you do find that perfect match you must set a criteria, without a criteria you are running blind and wasting time. We need to know what it is we want and need in a partner.

Once the criteria is set, this can sometimes be a challenge in itself, you can determine quickly f this person satisfies that criteria. May sound too logical when we speak of love however, there must be chemistry, of course.

I met my husband 18 years ago and from the first evening we met I went through via non-confronting questions to ascertain if this was worth investing or persuing. We fell in love almost immediately as he clearly satisfied all my criteria plus some. We have been gloriously happy, remaining in our love bubble for the past 18 years. I remember exactly that night we met and his smile that melted my heart, and still does.


picture of Bernie Giggins and husband
Bernie Giggins; 58 & husband Laurie; 60


I met my husband, Laurie, when I was a Women’s Royal Australian Naval dental assistant back on 1st May 1980, he was one of the many sailor patient’s. I really liked him and would stuff up wisdom teeth x-rays for him so he had to return and have them re-done, I was a competent radiographer but pretended I botched them.
I don’t think he knew I liked him and eventually we went on a date later on, to see The Rocky Horror Movie together.
There was something about his smile and the way he spoke that touched my heart, six weeks later asked me to marry him as he was going to be leaving on a 4 month navy patrol trip, two weeks later. We kept it quiet, just in case we weren’t the right match. I wrote to him every day over that time and we surprised everyone at my 21st birthday when we announced our engagement.
We married in 1982, have had three amazing children, who have married their soul mates and now have six gorgeous grandchildren . This year we have been together 38 amazing years!

-Bernie Giggins


bodies journey
Jodie Guerrero & her husband 
We had a long distance relationship via pen, paper and telephone, spending only 4 weeks together; in person before tying the knot.  After meeting my beau (Greg) in my church kitchen, we started pen paling, way back in 1994. From his home in San Francisco & my home in Brisbane, Australia – he started calling me. Then one day, he called back a 2nd time and said ‘I can’t help it, I’m in love with you’!!  We both met each other’s parents/family.  On my SF trip, he got down on one knee under an ornamental bridge inside San Francisco’s famous ‘Japanese Tea Gardens’.

We had eleven months to plan an Australian ‘country themed’ wedding. It was now, April (1997).  Our reception was held amongst the horses, cows and sheep.  I was 25 and husband was 27.  We’ve been married now for over 20 years!!  He is still devoted to me and we are very much in love. 

Thoughts on these amazing love stories??  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


2 thoughts on “3 Couples Share How They Knew Their Mate Was The One?

  1. Love these stories. I particularly love the criteria advice from Dr Karen, I am about to work mine out now, makes so much sense. Could be the reason I have struggled as I never set one, now I will, thank you.


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