We Asked A Mentoring Mom How She Stays Confident And Her Response Was The Best!

We have been on a serious Confidence Campaign.  Why?  Well, because confidence is the key to everything especially being fearless.   Which is why its necessary to share tips with anyone who will listen (or read)!
We asked Mom and Mentor, Katinda Ndola her thoughts on confidence.
The secret to or key to confidence is something right in front of us. When I start to slide into fear of not being enough and the negative voices in my head start to talk I use a powerful mantra to remind myself that I have something special and I have greatness within me.
katina ndola
Katina Ndola – @katinda_ndola

These 3 words “I AM ENOUGH” changed the trajectory of my life and when I discovered how much power they had I cried in disbelief. I have a business that focuses on women’s confidence and self-esteem and always do a FREE 7 day challenge on confidence and reveal the powerful mantra.  In the 7 day I am Enough challenge I get the women to write I Am Enough on all their mirrors at home in bright red lipstick as a reminder that they are enough.

I even suggest creating a screen saver, making a song for your ringtone, putting sticky notes with I Am Enough everywhere. My business focuses on mentoring /coaching women on confidence and also I am a motivational speaker and we do workshops too.

Red lipstick on the mirror doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all.  Thoughts on Katindas’ confidence tips??  Let me know in the comments…

                             Stay Fearless 💋

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