Confidence Tips From The Confident Athlete + A Confidence Calendar

Confidence is so important.   Without it; you might find everything difficult from going out on dates to doing a speech in front a small crowd.  I’ve read stories about women who’s confidence is so low that they rarely leave the house.  Some even hate looking at themselves in the mirror.

Fashion Not Fear isn’t just about being fearless in fashion.  It’s about being fearless and confidence in life each and every day.  With every single thing we do.  No matter how much you have accomplished or what daily mantras you say to yourself…working on being confident in yourself is just what I said….WORK!!  But it doesn’t have to be so difficult.

In our quest to help you to live as fearlessy and confident as possible.  We found it necessary to reach to women all over the world to see just how they handle being confident.

picture of Tami Matheny

Tami Matheny is author of; “The Confident Athlete: 4 Easy Steps To Build And Maintain Confidence.” and owner of Refuse To Lose Coaching.  We reached out to this confidence connoisseur to hear her thoughts…

Use “I am…” statements.  Ex. “I am pretty”  “I am confident” “I am strong”  “I am smart”  Saying this statement is most effective when repeated over and over.  Do a Wonder Woman Pose- getting your body into a strong confident position for several minutes automatically increases confidence.  I suggest starting the day with this pose and then using before an important date, meeting, etc.

– Tami Matheny

Tami took it a step further by providing a 30 day calendar that will give you daily tips that will help to build up your confidence.

confidence calendar Tami Matheny

This calendar can be used for any month.  Download it and get back to me on how it works out for you.  Thoughts on Tami’s tips, calendar or like to share a tip of your own??  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


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