I Learned The Power Of A Vision Board

I’ve always been one to write things down.  From my wants, needs, goals, etc.  When I was younger, it was a diary.  When I became a young adult, it was post it notes.  I had tons of yellow post it notes all over my bedroom mirror.  Although, now that I think about it…all of those post it notes were traits that I wanted in a man. 🙈  (P.S…it worked!)

alarm on laptop

As technology progressed, I started to keep my thoughts on a laptop secured with a super long password.  Everyone couldn’t know about my goals.  Because the unsolicited advice would come pouring in.  No thanks.  Once things were happening from my list  like losing weight, saving money; I started to notice something was happening.

I went from writing things down to saying them aloud after reading a book about the power of words.  I will tell my fiancé my minute by minute plan for the day; before h has had a chance to to wash the crust out of his eyes in the morning.  What I envision for  BLB and FNF is something that I’m constantly talking during a 3 hour phone conversation with my mom.  I’ve stopped a heated discussion with my brother about a basketball game to say,

“I am going to design an athleisure dress that everyone will love.”

I’m relentless!  Each time, they give that; why are you telling me this look.  It’s like letting the universe and (God) know what I’m trying to accomplish. And it holds me accountable.  Once I say it, I feel like I have to do it.  Period.

During one of my rants; I mentioned wanting to start a vision board.  I hadn’t gotten around to it until Christmas of last year.  When I opened a oversized cork board with stick pins.  I knew exactly what it was for.  Was he trying to tell me; “Shut up and put it on your board!”

The board was empty until around January.  I had committed to creating designs for the SPIRIT Fashion Show.  Since this was going to the first show to feature the FNF Collection, this seemed like a perfect time to start.   Before the show, I had never sewn a complete outfit.  After all wad said and done…I made 3 dresses by myself!  With the help of a my mom and aunt; 5 complete looks were done just in time for the show.

vision board

After shipping the box, I sat on the couch distressing and caught a glance of my vision board.  Design a Dress Collection, Be A Game Changer, and dress sketches stared at me.  That damn vision board!  5 awesomely made dresses sent to Carnegie Mellon University.  I’ve been talking about designing my own dress collections before Blue Labels Boutique or Fashion Not Fear was ever a thought.  But now that it’s pinned on the board….it happens??  🤔

Since that day, I’ve been pinning goals like a mad woman.  Positive affirmations, dream homes, future collections, the model of how the BLB store will look…this board has it all.  Don’t worry; I’ll keep you posted!

What about you?  Do you believe is the power of a vision board or sharing your goals?  Tell me your story in the comments…

Stay Fearless  💋

6 thoughts on “I Learned The Power Of A Vision Board

  1. Since I started having a vision board Iam more focused than ever I wake up every morning and it’s the first thing I see and it sets my day,it’s a good mental organiser and I am looking forward to seeing all my ideas come into existence 😀

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