We Asked Every Day Women, “What Makes You Feel Confident?”

Part of living fearlessy is confidence.  As a matter of fact, 99% of being a fearless woman is having confidence in yourself and your abilities.  Because whether or not other people think you can achieve something means absolutely nothing.  At the end of it all, it all comes down to you.  If YOU don’t believe it, you won’t achieve it.  I truly believe that.  This is why I feel confidence is key when it comes to your fearless journey.

You can be the most confident woman in the world but there will come a time when you have a down day.  It’s totally normal.  Would you agree?  That is why I reached out to other women to see what they do to build up their confidence.  The response was so overwhelming that I decided to break in down into a mini series.  These woman had some awesome words of confidence t share.  And I didn’t want you to miss any of them.  Take a look at what these everyday women had to say when asked, “What makes you feel confident?”

picture of Martha Krejci

“I wake up around 6:30am, stumble into the kitchen for my first cup of joe. First things first. That sets the tone. I sit at the kitchen table at 7am and think about all of the good things in my life. Write them down and show real, genuine gratitude for them. …another tip is a gratitude journal, and not just the I’m thankful for this and that, but ADDING 10 new things to an ever growing list every single day. It trains you to see the good, and because of that, creates amazing days. I PREACH to do it in the morning instead of before you go to bed for this very reason. These are all things that not only help you be a morning person, but make you EXCITED to live your day, and even better, excited to live your LIFE! :)”
– Martha Krejci, Co-Founder and CEO of TribeFinder

pic of Mariette Reineke

“For me confidence does not come from a dress, something I have to do or from anything outside of myself. What I have learned over the years and what I am still learning, is that presence is key. In other words: connecting with my body and having a relationship with myself. The more present I am, so my mind and body with what I am doing and not wondering off and checking out to the past or future, the more confident I feel. When I am with myself, simply being me, I feel a sense of knowing that whatever is in front of me, I can handle. Why? Because I am present with it. My body knows what to do next.”

– Mariette Reineke, Journalist/Blogger 

eugenia pepper

I am a closest introvert. People don’t realise how shy I really am.  I have lots of tricks that I have used to overcome my shyness.  “Fake it to you make it” does work.   I visualise myself as confidence.  I used hypnosis and guided meditations for confidence. I started was in high school and it really helped and now I have become a hypnotherapist myself and have developed an app that had just been released.  Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Meditation do work to gain confidence and a better self image and can help you become more confident and step out of your introvert shell.  Body language is very important and adapting stances can make a big different.  When you are lacking confided or feeling nervous change your body posture – do a victory pose or wonder women pose and it can change you physiology, mood and mindset.  The photo above is of a surprise party for me. I was so nervous I did not want to enter on seeing a group of people with cameras all faced at me! My first instinct was to run away but knowing my training I knew I had to do the victory pose and embrace the moment and it worked.

– Eugenie Pepper, Author of KEY MINDFULNESS – THE KEY FOR ME

Thoughts on their awesome tips?  Or do you have a confidence tip to share??  Let me know in the comments.  Stay tuned for the next set of ladies!


Stay Fearless 💋

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