Think You Don’t Like Exercise? Think Again!

Are you one of those people that claims they don’t like exercise? Maybe you say you don’t like getting sweaty, you don’t like certain exercises, or you don’t like something else about it.

Whatever story you’ve been telling yourself, you need to realize that it’s just that: a story. You can change your story at any time you like by simply changing it. Usually, people who say they don’t like exercise simply haven’t found anything that they really love yet. There are all kinds of ways to exercise that work for different people.

This post is for the people who say they don’t like exercise. Read on and you’ll start questioning your old beliefs:

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Exercise Makes Us Feel Good

One of the most important and overlooked reasons to work out is because exercise makes us feel good. It’s great for our mental health. If you struggle with things like stress, anxiety, and depression, getting into a regular exercise routine could help you to feel so much better. Endorphins are released while we exercise, as well as afterwards, and these are known as the body’s happy hormones.

You might hate actually getting to the gym after a long day at work. You might hate stinking and sweating. But really pay attention to how you feel after exercising. You might notice that you actually feel pretty good!

Exercise Sets A Good Example

If you have kids, then you should realize that exercising sets a good example. Do you want your kids to be more like those kids that sit around all day with their heads bent towards a screen, or do you want them outside playing, climbing trees, doing gymnastics, playing football? You want your kids to be healthy and happy, and that means getting outside and exercising. It doesn’t matter what you tell them to do. If you’re not doing the same thing, they are going to take your lead. Wanting the best for your kids means wanting the best for yourself too.

Exercise Helps Us Live Longer

Exercise helps us to live long, healthy lives. If you’re going to live a long life, you want it to be a high quality of life, right? Exercise will give you this. You’ll live longer, be fitter, and likely be able to watch your grandchildren grow up. You don’t want your bones to click and to have to live with chronic pain for the rest of your life. You don’t want to end up in a home, or relying on somebody else to take care of you. Exercise reduces the possibility of this ever happening!

Exercise Helps Us To Look Better In Our Clothes

As a bonus, exercise helps us to look better in our clothes. We stand up straighter as we develop better posture. This instantly knocks pounds off our frame. Then, it’s likely some belly fat will be lost, meaning less lumps and bumps. If you’ll feel and look great, what more could you want? You might even have to buy smaller clothes eventually.

Try Different Types Of Exercise

People who claim that they don’t like exercise just haven’t found the right kind for them. There are so many different types of exercise that it’s impossible not to find something you love if you really give trying different things a go! There are workouts you can stream anytime and do at home, or you could go walking, or you could do some sprints. You could go for a swim, or do some yoga, or lift some weights, or try a class. You really have endless options and opportunities to get fit and healthy. Usually, getting into the exercise habits only takes around three sessions a week for three weeks. Then people often get addicted to the feel good buzz afterwards and don’t want to give it up!

Change The Story You Tell Yourself

One of the main reasons most people don’t get into fitness or reach their goals is because they are telling themselves a story that doesn’t match up to that. We all tell ourselves stories, whether that’s about work, our love lives, or something else. We will live up to the stories we tell ourselves, so it’s important to acknowledge that we can change those stories if we really want to. Here are some stories people commonly tell themselves that stops them from becoming fit and healthy:

  • Being fit is not in my genes.
  • I don’t have a body type for fitness.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I’m too lazy.
  • I don’t have time.
  • You can’t get fit after having kids.

There are so many things people say that aren’t true. Recognize that most of what you tell yourself is nothing but BS. If you’re telling yourself you’re not good enough, or that you don’t have time, it’s all an excuse. Everybody has them, but it’s important to recognize what yours are so you can overcome them. If you start believing that this is something you’re capable of, then you will do it. However, if you never bother to change your story, nothing will change in your life. Even if you start to exercise but hold on to that story subconsciously, you’ll give up eventually.

Take a look at youtube videos to really master your mindset. There are lots of different techniques you can use, so find one you like and just start. If you can get your mind on board, the rest of your body will follow.


If you’ve been saying you don’t like exercise, it’s nothing but a story. Nothing but an excuse. We are designed to exercise, and even to enjoy it. If you try a few different classes and types of exercise and make an effort, eventually, you’ll realize that you enjoy it. That it makes you feel fantastic. You’ll have bags more confidence, your self esteem will go through the roof, you’ll cope with daily life better, reduce illness and pain, and so much more.

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