Your Wardrobe Is Incomplete Without These Items!

Most of us have one big problem when it comes to clothes and that’s the fact that we all simply own too many of them. That probably sounds kind of backwards.  After all, if you really love looking stylish then why would you ever want to own fewer clothes? Surely the more choice you have, the more stylish you can be! Well, it turns out that’s not the case. What actually ends up happening is that you buy clothes that you’re never actually going to wear and all that happens is that they end up taking space in your closet while you wear the same outfits day after day. What you actually need is a few key items that you can use in a bunch of different combinations. In order to help you get the most out of your wardrobe, here are a few incredibly versatile pieces that every fashion conscious lady needs to have in their closet.

A pair of comfortable jeans

blue jeans
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There was a time when the only pair of jeans that any women had in her closet were her favorite pair of skinny jeans that fit better than any other. Of course, no one is going to take away your skinny jeans, but there are other options available to you now. High-waisted mom jeans are great for staying comfortable while embracing that super trendy, hipster style. Boyfriend jeans are perfect for lounging around the house on lazy days.

A summer dress

When the sun comes out, it’s just as important to stay comfortable as it is to look great. After all, not only will you end up sweating and feeling uncomfortable, but you could end up getting seriously ill! Because of that, finding the perfect summer dress is pretty much essential. There are whole lot of different styles out there, from a plain white sundress to an all out maxi, so try different things out and figure out what style is right for you. Either way, it’ll give you the chance to look great while staying cool!

A few simple t-shirts

photo of printed shirt hanging on the wood
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There really is no item of clothing more versatile, and more underrated, than the t-shirt. The thing about a t-shirt is that they work for just about any occasion. Weather you’re lounging around in the house in something oversized, or you’re going for the classic look of dark jeans and a plain white T, there are so many different ways to wear it. Not only that but there are so many different styles and designs out there design custom t-shirts so that you have a totally unique and personal design on it. It might not be the most exciting clothing item out there, but don’t let that fool you into the thinking that the simple t-shirt isn’t an essential addition to any wardrobe.

A decent sized bag

There’s a good chance that half of your closet is taken up with bags of all shapes and sizes, most of which you never use. You might tell yourself that you need a large bag for taking trips and a tiny one for formal events, but in reality, a decent sized bag can not only work for all of these events, but it can make a seriously stylish accessory too. Pick something simple and elegant, that way you can match it with just about everything as easily as possible. Bright patterns and colors might be enticing in the store, but all that will happen is that you’ll never find a reason to actually use it.

An oversized sweater

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When the weather is awful, and you’ve got nothing to do all day, what’s better than slipping on a soft, oversized sweater and just relaxing? Life can be so stressful a lot of the time so why not have an outfit that is perfect for putting all of your responsibilities to one side for a little while and curling up with a good book and a cup of coffee. It’s the perfect way to make rainy days that much more bearable than they would otherwise be.

Of course, fashion is one of the most personal things that there is so there’s a pretty good chance that you have your own list of different things that you may want consider to be total wardrobe essentials. Whatever it is that you honestly couldn’t live without, the key is to be brutal when deciding what you don’t actually need. Sure, it’s not always easy to throw or give away clothes but if you can’t then you’re just going to keep accumulating more and more of them until your wardrobes are spilling out everywhere and it takes you an hour and a half to figure out what you want to wear every day.

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