15 Ways To Workout That Don’t Feel Like A Drag

working out


We all know that we need to workout, but knowing that doesn’t always make it easy to actually get it done! If you’re someone that wants to take care of themselves, and wants to be healthier in life, but you know that you can’t stay motivated to exercise, maybe you need a new approach? Most of the time, just being able to get yourself there is half the battle. The idea of having to workout can often feel like so much of a drag that we just don’t do it. And then, weeks go by, we feel sluggish, we feel guilty, and we wonder how we even got here in the first place! It’s safe to say that vicious cycle tends to go around more than we’d like it too. So wouldn’t it be nice to be able to workout and actually enjoy it?


Well, as much as that may feel like a pipe dream, it doesn’t have to be. If you would love to be able to stay on top of your health and fitness and actually enjoy it, then why not think about trying out new ways to exercise? If you’ve tried joining your local gym and you just never go, or if you’ve bought tennis shoes but you never go running, you need to switch things up. And if you just have no idea what to do, these fifteen (yes – fifteen) ideas are going to get you started. The best part is, they’re all pretty fun and effective too!


  1. Get A Running Buddy


Maybe you like the idea of going for a run, but you just never seem to do it? When that’s the case, think about getting yourself a running buddy. When you have someone to run with, to motivate you, to talk to, and more importantly – hold you accountable, you’ll enjoy it more. Not only will you actually be able to get yourself outside to do it, but you’ll boost your social life too.


man doing yoga pose on blue mat beside seashore
Photo by Artem Bali on Pexels.com


  1. Do Yoga At Home


If you always feel put off by traveling to exercise, then do it at home. While you may not have a full gym at home, there’s certainly one thing that you can do from home – yoga. Just grab yourself a mat and head to YouTube. Even if you’ve always wanted to try yoga but you don’t want to go to a class alone in case you don’t like it, doing it at home first can be a fun way to get started.


  1. Go To A Dance Class


Or maybe you want something really fun? Something more high-paced and energetic? Then you’re definitely going to want to look into the types of dance class, using these details here, that you could take. You may even want to think about doing a dance fit class too. Go with your friends and give it a try. You’ll probably spend the entire class laughing and having fun, without even realizing that you’re working out too!


  1. Give Pilates A Go


If you want to try a fun class that will push you, that will strengthen you, and also work on your flexibility too, pilates will be the one for you. The best part is, that this kind of exercise can be really great for your mind too. So you’ll end up feeling energized and relaxed when your session is up!


  1. Play A Sport


From here, you’ve always got the option to try out a new sport. Or all of them! Playing sports is always fun, and hardly ever feels like you’re working out. Whether you used to play hockey in college or you’ve always wanted to give cheer a go, do it. There’s no way to have a workout, without feeling like you’re working out. like playing sport.


selective focus photography of woman in white sports brassiere standing near woman sitting on pink yoga mat
Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com


  1. Join A Local League


As a step on from that, you may even want to join a local sports team. Maybe you’ve tried out tennis and now want to play regularly or you just love the idea of playing soccer for fun, a local team could be great for you. And if there isn’t one, think about organizing a recreational sports league so that there can be!


  1. Do Army Training


If you really want to be able to mix things up, then military-style training could be exactly what you’re looking for. Think about how this could switch up your exercise and be a lot of fun too. It will be a challenge, but definitely not a drag. Look online for benefits of this workout style to see if this will be something that excites you.


  1. Try Boxing


Another fun but incredibly effective style of training is boxing. Have you always wanted to box but you’ve always been afraid to try? Well just get yourself one session and make it one-to-one. See how you feel about it and whether boxing style training is going to be your avenue for working out without feeling like you’re slaving away.


  1. Enjoy A Stretching Session


But you don’t always have to do high-intensity workouts to actually be working your body and exercising. Even though it can seem like it. Even doing some really great stretching exercises can help your fitness along. For times when you don’t want to do anything too intense, or you’re just not feeling anything else, having a good stretch still allows you to get a bit of a workout in.


woman in gray and black sports bra
Photo by Nathan Cowley on Pexels.com


  1. Take A Wellness Approach


Maybe you’re looking for a more holistic approach to your fitness? If you want to turn this into a treat, then you’re definitely going to want to think about joining a gym that has wellness facilities too. Think about how you can workout with all of the benefits, and look online for more details on the facilities you’ll find at local gyms. With a sauna, massage options, or even beauty facilities, you’ll have every incentive to workout first.


  1. Go Swimming


Of course, if you do get a gym with great facilities, then you might like to think about going swimming too. Swimming is a great full body workout, but it can feel quite leisurely and enjoyable too. You don’t always feel like you’re doing an intensive workout. You could even do this at your local pool or in your own yard if you have a pool at home – you don’t have to have a gym membership to enjoy this.


  1. Go For A Hike


If you want to have fun with your family and ensure that everyone gets to stay active, then going for a hike can be a lot of fun too. But you’re going to want to ensure that you get the most out of your hike using those tips too. To try and make sure that it doesn’t feel like too much work, go with your friends too and take a picnic. Then it can be enjoyable for the entire group.


  1. Get Competitive


From here, you could also look to get competitive with yourself. While you can push yourself to beat times in any kind of exercise, there’s nothing like competing with yourself when you’re in a spin class. It’s incredible fun to push yourself to get to a certain speed or to keep up a certain intensity. After awhile, it’s way more fun than it is hard work!


woman in black sleeveless crop top and white leggings using a butterfly machine in front of a mirror
Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com


  1. Work With A Trainer


If you know that you want to get the most out of the workouts that you’re doing, then you definitely need to think about working with a personal trainer. Maybe you feel like you just can’t push yourself or you have no idea what you’re doing – so working out feels not only boring, but ineffective! When that’s the case, hiring a trainer can mean that you get to push yourself but you also start to enjoy it too.


  1. Find The Best Time


But also, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re working out at the right time for you. So technically, this fifteen and final point isn’t a type of workout, but it’s still a way to workout. If you’re trying to workout after work and you’re tired and hungry and there’s no motivation left in you, then don’t. Get up early and try a morning workout instead. Sometimes, you’ll find that changing up the time that you workout will help you to enjoy your workout more and actually stick to it too.


So now that you’ve seen a full range of ways to workout, are you feeling more motivated? Can you see how you can change your approach to fitness and your lifestyle overall, to make a positive change? Maybe trying to go for a run on your own just didn’t workout, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip exercise altogether. You just need to be sure that you can do things in your own way and actually enjoy your workouts too. Then, you’ll find that you’re consistent and taking care of your health comes naturally to you.


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