The Activewear Trends To Look For This Summer

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll know that activewear is a big trend at the moment. From dropping the kids off at school, to a day out, cleaning the house, or actually going to the gym, activewear is here to stay. It is comfort all over, as well as being flattering and making it easier to move around in your everyday life. Hello to looking good, while being the most comfortable you have ever been! But there are some trends in activewear to take heed of. So here are some of the fitness fashion forecasts for over the coming months.






Having a matching jacket or top with your leggings or yoga pants is a really effortless way to pull an outfit together. Many people are already matching their sports leggings and sports bra, but the trend is set to go on from there. So look out for sweat sets that match, as well as taking the print to combine over leggings and hoodies. Even a varsity stripe that carries on through the look can be a good way to go.


Superhero Vibes


With Wonder Women being a massive hit last year, and the Avengers Infinity War being one of the biggest movies of all time recently, it shows us just how much of a big trend superhero shirts are going to be in the coming months. A subtle nod to some superhero vibes in your activewear gear can be a good way to go, rather than an ‘in your face’ look So this can be with some subtle colors, and logo prints. It will be something we will start to see more and more.


High-Rise Leggings


All hail the high-rise! While this has been a look for jeans of late, the trend is making its way over the activewear department. It makes it a good look for everyone, as it is really flattering, not to mention one of the most comfortable ways to wear pants or leggings as it helps to suck your stomach right in. Because of this, it means you can be bolder with your top of choice, making it a really good look for all.



Transition Piece


With the warmer weather here, sometimes we may get a rainy day, especially as summer transitions into autumn. So having a piece of activewear to see you through that transition is a great idea. It could be a padded gilet to give you an extra layer, or even an anorak jacket that is light, but will keep you dry in rain showers.


Sock Sneakers


If you follow some fashion Instagrammers, then of late you’re likely to have seen them rocking some sock sneakers. They don’t have laces and just slide on like a sock. This style is for the adventurous, but also the practical and lovers of comfort. Sock shoes in general have been on the rise for the past few years. But turning them into sneakers is finally gaining movement. Are you ready to step up your activewear game this summer?


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