The Art of Accessorizing

It is all in the details, is something that we often hear associated to fashion. And in truth, it does make a difference. No matter how much your outfit is slaying, it is going to look even better if you have got the right accessories to make the outfit pop. Small things like jewelry, scarves, or bags, can tie an outfit altogether and complete the look. Style queen Victoria Beckham has even said in an interview here,, that she loves accessories and a good pair of sunglasses, and a go-to handbag, can hide a multitude of sins.


There is a certain art to accessorizing, though; not everyone can achieve the same look, given the same items. You do have to know what works best and what is simply too much. So here are some tips to tricks to help you style your outfits and accessories better, to make sure you’re looking on point this season.



Image: Pexels

Multi-Purpose Scarves


It is important to remember when styling an outfit, that things like scarves are just to be worn around your neck. In colder seasons they do serve a practical purpose for keeping you warm. But in summer, you can mix up how you use them. Tie a pashmina around your waist, or use a neckerchief as a bracelet or necklace. They can even work as an accessory to your bag to make it look more stylish.


Update Old Looks


Being up to date on each style each season can be hard to keep up with, let alone costly. So one thing that you can do is to bring an older season style into the current season by using accessories. It could be an old skirt brought up to date with some platform sandals, for example. Or making an old slogan tee and ripped boyfriend jeans more modern with some futuristic-looking ankle booties. The options are pretty endless.



Image: Pexels

Mix Metals


For your jewelry and accessories, then mixing up the metals that you use is something that is going to limit the potential of your accessories. If you’ve got a platinum or silver engagement ring, much like the ones here,, you might not think to mix them up with yellow gold or rose gold. But it can, and does, look good. Add some above knuckle rings in different metals, along with some bangles, and your hands and wrists will be looking fresh.


Image: Pexels

Pops of Color


Monochrome, or going for all black or all white outfits, is something that is never going to go out of style. But to up the ante with the outfits, adding pops of color with your accessories is the way to go. It could be a hot pink cross-body bag with black tees, sandals, and tee, or some vibrant pom-pom sandals with an all-white summer dress. It gives the outfit a quick and easy style update.


What are some of your top accessory styling tips? It would be great to hear what you think.


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