How to Dress for a Festival Whatever the Weather


Image Credit: Pexels 

Summer is all about the festivals and there have never been so many to choose from. All around the world, people are getting together to watch some incredible performances from rock music to folk music, jazz to classical and everything else you can think of.

The only problem is deciding what to wear!

There are lots of festivals going on around the world this summer but as most festivals are held either outside or in tents, the weather is going to affect your decision about what to wear. But what if the festival lasts a full week?

Here’s what you need to pack.

Layer it Up!

When you go to a festival for a few days, you can’t reasonably predict what the weather will be like and, depending where you go, the weather could be changeable even if you’re just going for the day. The key thing is to wear layers. Pick up a cute and brightly colored rain mac, put a light sweater in your backpack and wear a thin t-shirt underneath. This way you have layers to add if there’s a sudden chill in the air or if the rain pours in.


Image Credit: Pexel

If you are staying for a few days, thinner layers and lots of them are much better than just a couple of thick layers because they will dry out faster if you are caught in a storm. Plus, you will have a few more wardrobe options without weighing yourself down! Have a look at this festival list to check off everything you need.

Go Crazy with Fashion Combos

One of the great joys of festivals is that the usual fashion rules are suspended while you make the most of face paint, glitter and feathers. You have the power to unleash your inner tribal princess so don’t hold back – buy everything on Madam Lulu’s Alternative Marketplace just for starters!

Take your own clothes (obviously) but be prepared to buy new things while you are there too. Lots of festivals have stalls selling clothes and all sorts so get into the spirit and spread your cash around. Loose fitting pantaloon-style pants are great for relaxing at night and much more comfortable jeans so definitely see if you can find some of those around.  


Image Credit: Pexels

Which Shoes?

Choosing the right shoes depends on the type of festival you are going to as well as how long you will be there. Sandals and mules are great for slipping on and off but aren’t brilliant for walking long distances. Wellies and walking boots are good for mud and a lot of walking but can get quite hot if you are in the sun all day.

The best thing to do is to take some sensible shoes like walking boots and then carry some slip-ons in your bag to change into later. This way you will be able to keep up with everyone as you walk but won’t feel too hot when you arrive.


So now you have a plan for your festival wardrobe, it’s time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself!

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