You Will Think Roadtrips Are EVERYTHING After These Tips

Spring means that road trip season is here!   Roadtrips are just one of those things.  You either love ‘em or hate ‘em.   The thought either makes you wince or smile.  I have had a long time love affair with road trips and we don’t plan on breaking up anytime soon.  The moment decent weather returns,  you will find me packing a light bag and hitting the road with my boo.
If you find yourself wincing when the topic comes up, maybe it’s because you aren’t doing it right.  There’s more to a road trip than riding in a car.  The memories you can create are priceless.  It is a chance to get off your phone and bond.  Bond with your car buddy, nature, even yourself.   During a time when everything around us is going a million times a minute.  This is THE time to slow down and smell the roses….literally.  Here are some trips to help you enjoy road-tripping this season.
gordon park ohio
Gordon Park | Ohio

Give yourself time – Don’t just go by the time Siri says it would take.  Allow time for potty breaks, stops for fun photo ops, or even a quick nap at a rest stop.



Podcasts, Talk Shows – This is a great time to take advantage of those long podcasts and radio talk shows online.  Download them ahead of the trip.  That way you won’t spend alot of time on your phone searching for listening material.


Pack Drinks & Snacks –  This sounds obvious but this is the so important.  My fiancé and I took a trip from Texas to Colorado.  We left in a rush and forgot to put our snacks in the car.  Let me tell you…it was horrible!  Our dietary restrictions made it impossible to pick up something from a gas station.  We finally ended up at a small grocery store that had a kitchen and bought two pieces of fish.  Snacks are now the FIRST thing I put in the car.

red rocks park
Red Rocks Park | Colorado

Landmarks –  Locate landmarks on your destination when planning the trip.  It will give you something new to look forward to.  This helps to make long trips feel not so long.  Plus, what a perfect time to pull out the phone for a pic.

stretch skirt and sunglasses
Hello Merlot Skirt | Hater Blockers

Dress Comfy – A stretchy, sundress is a winner for roadtrips.

Geo Rings

Don’t Forget Your Lipstick – A fresh coat of lipstick always makes me feel refreshed.  Lipstick is never a bad idea.

downtown denver photo booth
Downtown Denver, CO

Pack Your Patience –  Traffic, accidents, construction…there are so many variables that can affect your trip.  Prepare to be patient.

Enjoy the moment and seize the time.  You won’t regret it.  Are you a road-tripper?  What’s the key to making it a good time?!  Let me know in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

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