Fearless Woman: Lauren Darlington

Happy Fearless Woman Friday!  We are back with another episode of Fearless Woman.  Laurens’ story just might be the one you’re waiting on.

When I started looking for women to feature in this installment, her story really stuck out to me.  Simply because she addresses fear in a way that I have yet to hear.  I will give you a clue.  Her email:

Hi! I would LOVE to be apart of this as I know I have a message to share that can (and does) help so many. I believe being fearless is about knowing fear will always show up, she can come along for the journey with us but she does not have the driver seat. We show up and do the thing we want because we know we can even with fear.

I have overcome self harm, suicide attempts, sexual trauma and crippling anxiety to travel solo overseas twice last year, start my own business and empower other women when I once wanted to end it all.

If that isn’t being a fearless (or fear inclusive 😉 ) woman I don’t know what is,

Enough said.  After learning more about her background, I must agree.  Here is Lauren:

 Special thanks to Lauren for sharing such a personal story.  She is a true example of what it is like to go through mounds of obstacles…fearlessy!

Lauren Darlington

Feeling inspired??  Let me know in the comments…  Now, go out and do something fearless this weekend.

Stay Fearless 💋

Want to share you fearless story?  Send an email with a short bio to Kristie@bluelabelsboutique to apply.

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