Don’t Risk Spoiling A Good Outfit On A Wack Event With These Tips

We have all been there.  You find a dress that you REALLY like but you don’t wear it right away.  You tuck it away safely in your closet (tags and all).  This outfit can’t be worn any ol’ time.  No ma’am, you want to save it for the perfect event.   Date night in a different city, perhaps.  Maybe your monthly night out with the girls?!  Or the networking event when you want to make a good impression?  You can’t put your finger on it;  but you will know when the time arrives.
The invite you have been looking for FINALLY comes; “I know exactly what I’m going to wear”  you think after happily sending an “I will be there” text.  The day of the event arrives.  You spend countless hours doing your nails, makeup, and making sure every piece of hair is in its’ proper place.  Hell, you even shaved!   Only to arrive at such anticipated event to find that its’ completely wack.  It’s in a bad location, no one is there, it’s raining like cats n’ dogs and the company you came with makes you want to go to sleep.  All of that outfit saving, primping and prepping for absolutely nothing!  You could’ve stayed at home, curled up on the couch watching Netflix.  Who the wants to go through that?!
Well now, you no longer have to.  Use these tips to never have to waste a good outfit on a bad event again!
Ask Questions –  Where will the event be?  What time?  Inside or Outside?  Your morning look will be different from what you would wear in the evening.  Walking around outside in the dirt versus inside of a building would determine what shoes you will wear, etc.  Ask questions that will help you decide what type of style to go with.
fashion not fear on iPad
Check Social Media – Find them on social media.  Search the location/name of the event.  Their feed will give you clues on their vibe and what type of crowds might be in attendance.  Good clues on narrowing down an outfit.  Would you agree?
Ask The Person Who Invited You & Consider Their Interests – It will help you tell you alot about whats’ about to go down.
Do a Weather Check – Suede in the rain is a nightmare.  Sheer when its cold out is a train-wreck.  Ask Siri on the day.
Don’t Wear It On A First Date – A dress is only new once.  You can only pop the tag one time.  Don’t waste that new feeling on someone who hasn’t ever seen it or you.  They don’t know if your outfit is new or not.  It could be the first date from hell.  Wear it on the second date or once you determine that they are worth it. 😉
blue labels boutique shopping bag
Shop Small – Big chain stores offer a big selection for everyone and that’s cool.  But if you aim to be unique, you are increasing your chance of running into your fashion twin.  Small boutiques are the best places to shop for pieces you won’t see everywhere else.
Take note of these tips and you won’t ever, ever, ever waste another outfit on a wack event again!  Is this a fear of yours??  Let me know in the comments.
Stay Fearless 💋

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