How To Solve The, “I Have Nothing To Wear” Problem For Dress Lovers

“I have nothing to wear”  This is something that we have all said at least once this year.  Come on…just admit it.  Endless hours can be spent on shopping, styling, and scrolling for inspiration but that doesn’t stop us from having that feeling.  Let’s be honest; loving what you wear is essential to having a good time.  Would you agree?!  I mean; isn’t this why we put so much effort into it.  At least I’ve never met a fashionista who looked into the mirror right before walking out of the door, hated their outfit, and left happily anyway.  Have you?
The “I have nothing to wear” problem might be considered even more difficult for dress lovers.  Luckily whoever thought that was completely wrong!  It’s actually quite the opposite.  Dresses are the major key to solving this problem.  Don’t believe me?   Then check out how to solve the ‘I have nothing to wear” issue even when you are a lover of dresses!
womens denim dresses

#1 – Build a capsule collection

Capsule collections are essential to maximizing the different looks you can create.  A capsule collection is a set of pieces that all mix and match with each other.  It can be a set of 5-10 pieces, or 20-30; the more pieces you have to choose from, the options you will have (obviously)  But it doesn’t take much to build an acceptable collection.  As long as you have good foundation pieces, you are good to go!  A denim dress would be an asset in a capsule collection.
baby blue spaghetti strap dress
Spirit Fashion Show 2017 – Victorian Daisy Dress

#2 – Invest In A Good LBD, LWD, LRD

A good little black/white/red dress (or any color for that matter) that fits like a glove and makes you feel like a million bucks should be all up in your closet.  This just means you will always know exactly what to wear when you are feeling the fashion funk.
Boho Queen Maxi Dress

#3 – Dresses Are Tops Too

Just because it’s labeled as a dress doesn’t mean that it has to be worn as one.  Tuck a dress into a skirt or pants and wear it as a top.  Wear a button-up dress as a coverup or let it play double duty as a kimono.


#4 – Keep unique/statement-making accessories on deck

An unique accessory really steps up your style game to a whole ’nother level.  A body harness or popping handbag will add something new to your look.

# 5 – Change everything BUT your clothes like trying a new lip color, eye shadow, new hair, etc

Sometimes it isn’t about what you’re wearing.  A simple change (not outfit related) can give you a different outlook on your style options.  Change up your make up, hair, try a new hair accessory or nail color…you might be surprised how these small details make a big impact.  Plus, it just makes you feel different.
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
You Knead Me Sweater x Denim On The Fray Dress X BLB Accessories

# 6 – Wear Dresses as Skirts

  Of course, this isn’t an option when a dress has billowy sleeves and heavy embroidery.  But it’s definitely an option for more sleek designs.
Would these tips solve your “I have nothing to wear” problem?  If not, what would you add to the list??  Let me know in the comments…
Stay Fearless 💋

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