If You Are Staying Home With Your Boo On NYE, Make Your Party Lit With These Tips

NYE is probably one of the biggest days of the year that people celebrate.  It has always a big celebration for me.  The night usually involves high priced entry fees, ridiculous parking fees, food, loud music, a glam outfit and a good amount of cocktails.  That has literally described my NYE for as long as I can remember.   But things have changed. Actually, I can pinpoint the exact moment it did.  It was about 5 years ago, when my fiancé and I made reservations at a overpriced hotel in Austin.  After checking in, we spent the next several hours shopping for the finishing touches for both of our outfits.  We then go back to the hotel to get dressed to go out. The next thing I know, it’s 2am and I wake up to find us both passed out on top of the comforter.  Fully clothed in the same thing we had worn all day!

 That’s when it became real that it was okay to stay in on NYE.  An at home party of two didn’t sound half bad.  If this sounds like your kind of celebration this year, check out these tips to help make your party lit!

tv and laptop in living room
📸 by Oliur Rahman

Turn off the tv and use your playlist:  The two of you probably watch television together all of the time.  Cut it off and turn up the music to create a party atmosphere.

olive bodysuit

Wear something sexy yet comfy:  No sequin and uncomfortable shoes are needed.  Keep is simple with a bodysuit and shorts or a simple t-shirt dress.

food on tray
📸 by Brooke Lark

Snacks & Spirits – Appetizers are perfect for NYE celebrations.  They are small and bite-size.  Make a spread of you and your boos favorite snacks.  Don’t forget to include the cocktails! Create a signature drink for the night.

dice by aldric-rivat.jpg
📸 by Aldric RIVAT

Gametime – Games of any kind always make for a good party.

📸 by Levi Saunders

Create a midnight ritual – Are you kissing at midnight?  Turning up to your favorite song?  Making a special toast or resolution?  It’s up to you…come up with something you will do when the clock strikes 12!

Cheers to you bringing in 2018 in the best way possible.  🥂

Thoughts on celebrating at home?  What do you normally do on New Years?  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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