Gift Guide: The Stocking Stuffer Edition

We are on countdown time for Christmas Day.  It seems like I’m still burping up food from Thanksgiving dinner!  Nevertheless, shopping must get done.  As you know, a gift guide drops every week until Christmas and this week is no different.   Check out the gift guide for those looking for stocking stuffers.  Happy Shopping!

gift guide for stocking stuffers.png


  1. Geometric Dimensions Ring $3 | 2. Wooden Disc Earrings $20 | 3. Fearless Lady Phone Case $20 | 4. Hater Blockers $10 | 5. Sassy Luggage Tag $15 | 6. Chunky Ba;; Earrings $17.99 | 7. Lace Choker $5

Of course, all of these are available at BLB.  Which are your picks?!  Let me know in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


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