Lipstick & Sweat…yay or nawl?!

I had an epiphany over the weekend.  The discovery began to unfold when I came across an article featuring Tracey Ellis Ross.  In it, the writer included a quote where she talked about wearing lipstick to the gym.  Sounded perfectly normal to me.

stairs at red rock denver co

The next day it got deeper.  I caught a few episodes of a reality show where women were competing for a spot to be in the Ultimate Fight Championship.  Each fighter shared touching stories about their background.  However before, during, and after each match, all I could think about is two things;

Why aren’t they wearing some sort of stay put lipstick?


Why don’t they have bright colored nails?

When I pondered the question aloud is when the epiphany occurred.

“Are you serious?”, I was asked.


“People arent thinking about lipstick & nails when they are exercising, boxing, or whatever…”

“They don’t?”

That’s when it sunk in…some are not aware of the  power in lipstick & polish.   Sure, lipstick and nail polish isn’t everyones cup of tea.  Who says lipstick lovers and manicure maniacs can’t enjoy a good sweat session too.  I rock mine to the gym; heres why

  • Lipstick makes me smile.  Smiling + Sweating is always good.
  • Open mouth breathing can dry out your lips.  Chapstick doesn’t have staying power; lipstick does!
  • Reminds me I kicks ass – Hanging from a pull up bar and looking up to see my pretty painted nails.  Or focusing on sweaty yet perfectly polished nails during pushups.  Thats real girl power!

working out on pull up bar

Do you rock cosmetics during a workout?!  Why or why not.  Let me know in the comments.

Stay Fearless 💋

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