6 Outfits That Prove This $19 Skirt Is So Worth It

There are a few things I look for before I decide to spend my hard earned money on something…especially when its comes to fashion.  My “buying requirements” weren’t always as strict as they are now.  I know exactly when I started setting these rules.  It all started a few years ago.  There was a time when I wouldn’t wear it unless it was designer.  Not that I could necessarily afford it, I just felt like wearing these designers duds would make me feel a certain way.  Important, prettier, powerful, etc.  But it was quite the opposite of that.  I had a huge collection of designer bags, clothes, and pretty much every accessory you can imagine.   My fiancé was buying me bags that cost waaaaay more than they were worth but I thought, it’s designer, who cares?!  This all changed when I noticed  a bag I’d been carrying for two months was starting to peel.  This designer bag set me back $500 yet, it was peeling like a damn orange peel!  Shoes that cost $300 started to lean after a couple of wears, threads were unraveling on bags, clothes shrink after washings….it was horrible.  That’s when I started to realize that I was playing myself.  These designers (and I won’t mention any names) were putting their names on everything and selling them in high end department stores for ridiculous prices.  Yet, I couldn’t event rock it after  6 months because it looks like a hand me down!  And before you ask….yes, I did take good care of it.  I followed the care instructions, used my leather cleaners, even kept it packed away in a dust bag when I wasn’t using it.  All of these precautions made no difference.  This just left me to feel like I straight got played.  They took my money and I got trash! lol But it’s okay, I got my money back when I decided to list them on Ebay (maybe not all but some).

Nevertheless, that whole scenario shaped my buying decisions from there on out.   From now on I look for a few things….quality, price, and the versatility of the piece.  So, needless to say, a vegan leather skirt for $19 sounds like such a great deal to me.  Which checks off the price box, the quality is excellent (I literally wear this skirt all of the time, even in the Summer), and I’m about to prove it’s versatility.  Here are 5 outfits that prove you must cop the All Wrapped Up Leather Skirt

Sweater with Leather Wrapskirt Blue Labels Boutique
You Knead Me Sweater | All Wrapped Up Leather Skirt
Sheer Top with Leather Wrapskirt Blue Labels Boutique
Sheer It Up Top | Leather Wrap It Up Skirt
black & white lace top with leather mini skirt
Laced Back Top | Leather Wrap It Up Skirt
Graphic Tee with Leather Wrapskirt Blue Labels Boutique
Wild Heart Tee | All Wrapped Up Skirt
Cape Blazer with Leather Wrapskirt Blue Labels Boutique
Cape Blazer | Wrapped Up Leather Skirt | Laced Back Top
graphic fearless women tee with leather skirt
Taking Over The World Tee | Leather Wrap Skirt

And the list goes on and on!  The All Wrapped Up Skirt provides quality and versatility at its’ best!  Thoughts?! Leave them in the comments….

Stay Fearless 💋


All Wrapped Up Skirt $19


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6 thoughts on “6 Outfits That Prove This $19 Skirt Is So Worth It

  1. This is an amazing post! I can relate so much! I used to shop for designer stuff and now I’m straight up Goodwill and love the deals! 🙌🏻 They’re definitely out there if you look hard enough.
    I definitely know what you mean about the quality issues too. This made me think of “Confessions of a Shopaholic”, where she buys the designer sweater and then realizes it’s only 50% Cashmere.
    I’m so glad there are people like me out there too who look for the versatility of a piece, and that skirt can definitely go with everything! Love it! 😍❤️

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