Denver, Co Had My Creative Juices Going…

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always taken some type of trip for my birthday.  I think the obsession started because of my mom.  The first birthday trip I can remember I was super young but I remember that she took me and the family to a different city.  We spent the weekend shopping, going to a theme park, and chilling in a nice hotel.  This planted the seed.  At that moment I knew I had to do this every year.

I began working at a young age, so it was nothing for me to continue the tradition as a teenager and through my 20s.  Lucky for me, my fiancé loves to travel and the tradition of it all, so it’s been super easy to keep this going!

Once I started BLB, somehow things changed.  These trips became less about celebrating my born day and more about BLB.  It’s more of a fashion roadtrip than birthday celebration.  Instead of shopping for me, I find myself looking for something to offer at BLB or for a great pop up location.  Rather than enjoying the night life, I explore the city for inspiration.  “What’s the fashion vibe like here?”  “Would this be a good city to do a pop up?”  Its a whole thing!

This past weekend I visited Denver, Colorado for my B-day celebration.  And I was up to my usual antics.  This city has always been on my bucket list for various reasons from the healthy lifestyle culture, mountains views and laws. ☺️  Besides, this girl loves a good road trip!  Here are some things I saw in Denver that fueled some fashion inspiration.


graffiti wall in downtown denver colorado
Downtown Denver
INKMONSTR | Downtown Denver [@naomihaverland, @inkmonstr]
Denver Art Museum
Denver Art Museum
Denver Art Museum
Denver Art Museum
Denver Art Museum
Blue Labels Boutique owner in red phone booth in denver colorado
Downtown Denver
denver colorado mountains
Colorado Mountains
Red Rocks Park Image Denver Colorado
Red Rocks Park
The Red Rocks

I am happy to say that Denver went beyond my expectations.  Bold colors shined at every turn.  Not just from the art but it was found in the bright green grass,  rich red rocks, and shades of the mountains that ranged from blues, greens, purples and more.  This vibrant, modern city definitely ignited my creative energy.  Stay tuned to see what styles develop  from this awesome trip!

Ever been to the Mile High City?  Does traveling get your creative juices going?  Leave your thoughts in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

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