The 5 Worst Pieces Of Advice I’ve Heard About Being Sexy

Adjectives are used to describe a person, place or thing. Now that I’ve given you your English lesson for the day, let me further explain. ☺️
At some point in our lives, someone has used an adjective to describe you. And it isn’t always favorable. For instance, stupid, was the adjective I heard most to describe me after leaving my job to pursue becoming a fashion entrepreneur. I’m still laughing at that one. But it’s not all bad. There are some adjectives that I would gladly accept. Sexy is definitely in my Top 5. And I’m not ashamed to say it but being sexy seems to have taken flight in a whole different way these days. I mean, have you seen some of the stuff on social media post?! Posting a picture of something that only your GYNO should see is not sexy…period. It’s like somewhere along the lines, the essence of truly being sexiness got mixed up. Or I missing something?

Here are 5 of the worst pieces advice about being sexy that I’ve ever heard.

you have to dress sexy, to be sexy

Dressing sexy doesn’t mean that you’re sexy. It also doesn’t mean that you’re not sexy. Being sexy is not at all about what you wear. You have to feel good in it. A turtleneck maxi dress with leather gloves can be much sexier than wearing a minidress and 6” heels. It’s about how you wear it. You gotta believe it to achieve it.

you have to show off everything on social media to be sexy

Posting a picture spread eagle with no bottoms on to increase likes and DMs is alot of things. But sexy isn’t the adjective that comes to mind. Sexy is leaving a lil’ something to the imagination.

being sexy is about sex


This might sound ironic but being sexy isn’t about sex at all. It’s about confidence. When you have confidence in who you are and the wonderfulness you have to offer others…that defines sexiness. This type of confidence is what makes you walk into a room with your head high and shoulders back, no matter what. Confidence allows you to know your self-worth and not accepting anything less than that from others. Now…that’s sexy. And it will be written all over face and body language. You won’t have to say a word!

you have to look like a celebrity in order to be sexy

Everyone is born to be there own unique self. And that same thing applies to celebrities. They are them and you are you. Embrace that! If you compare yourself to others, you will never think you’re sexy.  Let them do them and you do you!

you have to choose smart or sexy

You have to choose: Smart or sexy – You can be both sexy and smart. Don’t dumb yourself down. If those you hang with think you are too smart, then maybe its time to find different hanging buddies?

Thoughts on sexy?  Leave it in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


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