14 Date Ideas You Can Do This Weekend For $20 or less

Spend your last $20 on bae this weekend with these budget-friendly date ideas.

📸: Alejandro Salinas

#1 – Put $20 in the tank and hit the road.  You don’t have to drive out of town.  Ride around in neighborhoods to check out mansions and other jaw dropping properties.  It will inspire the two of you (if nothing else).

📸: Anne Preble

#2 – Visit a Farmers Market.  I’ve never visited one that didn’t have a great vibe.  Plus, there’s more to it than shopping for fruits & veggies.  Lots of vendors usually offer samples and its actually a fun time.  

📸: Blake Lisk

#3 – Invite your favorite couple over and play a ol’ school game.  Advise them its B.Y.OB.

📸: Bonnie Kittle

#4 – Pack a picnic basket and head out to the park.  Don’t forget the bubbly! 🍾

📸: Christopher Sardegna

#5 – Start your day off with an early morning workout and follow it with coffee and light breakfast. 

📸: Kashmir | Death To Stock

#6 – Dress up and head to an art museum.  If you look ahead, you will find some that have no entry fee.

📸: Giulia Bertelli

#7 – Create a playlist that makes you move.  Then, you can spend the morning dancing around and going through old clothes in your closet and drawers.  Decide on what to keep and what to give to away.  You two can spend the $20 on lunch after dropping off your donation.


📸: Ian Dooley

#8 – Pamper eachother with at-home spa treatments.  You will find inexpensive single size packets of different facial scrubs, foot soaks, masks and more at a beauty supply or drug store.


#9 – Tour your city.  Living there doesn’t mean you’ve seen everything.  Make a list of free things to see in your city; landmarks, wall art, parks, etc.  Then go visit!  

📸: Jens Kreuter

#10 – Watch eachothers all-time favorite movies.  Spend the $20 on movie snacks.

📸: Maarten Van Den Heuvel

#11 – You might be surprised to see how romantic it is to lounge by the pool with good music playing.

📸: Toa Heftiba

#12 – Find a new recipe.  After you have shopped for all of the needed items; assign a chef and sous chef.  Bon Appetit!

📸: Toa Heftiba

#13 – Go to the grocery store or candy store to buy various candies, fruits, etc.  Take turns blindfolding eachother, feed them and they have to correctly guess what they are tasting.  (Recreate the scene in the movie; 9 1/2 Weeks)  

📸: Kai Oberhauser

#14 – Have a lip sync battle…costume and all.  You can find song lyrics online.

Which one sounds like your kind of date?  Have a great weekend bombshells!

Stay Fearless 💋

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