How To Make A Pleated Skirt Look Cool AF

Something tells me that pleated skirts isn’t one of the most hashtagged ootds on social media right now.  To be honest, I haven’t done enough research to confirm that.  But I have done enough scrolling to think that skintight spandex is on the top of that list.  Not to say, I don’t like a good bodycon outfit, because I certainly do!  I’m simply saying that the outfit doesn’t have to be a spandex one piece to be postworthy.

Fabric with multiple folds held by stitching at the top or side, otherwise known as pleats, can make for a good look.  I think my pleat love started when I was a cheerleader as a little girl.  A pleated skirt was part of my uniform.   It was kelly green, made of heavy knit, and I had the nerve to roll it up to make it even shorter.  I’ve always loved minis too.  What can I say?

The key to making pleats look cool AF is balancing it out with something that defines the waist.  A simple tank, a graphic tee tied at the waist, a belt…all good waist defining pieces!  Here are 4 ways to style a pleated skirt that will land you in the cool squad. 😉


colorblock pleated skirt blue labels boutique
Keep it simple with a slinky tank and gold accessories.  (Tights optional)
green colorblock outfit with off the shoulder top
If you are an off the shoulder girl, then wear it with a pleated skirt.  Those shoulders will provide plenty of balance.
colorblock pleated skirt with button from top blue labels boutique
Take it to the office with a button up top.  Tuck it or tie it at the waist. Adding edgy accessories will turn it up even more.
colorblock pleated skirt blue labels boutique
Model: Katie Liston | 📸: Friedlander

 Which look is your favorite?  Leave your pleat thoughts in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋

colorblock pleated skirt blue labels boutique

Pretty In Pleats Skirt

Lace Choker                                                             Lace OTS Top

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