3 Tips On Finessing Satin In The Summer

Satin can be worn comfortably in the Summer. That is a sentence that some of you might not believe. But you can mark my words…it’s true. Sure, it isn’t stretchable. And maybe it isn’t know as being the most breathable textile around. But that doesn’t mean this shiny goodness has to be banned to the back of the closet when it is warm outside. You have to bring it out, bring it out!

In Texas, it is not rare to have days when the temperature passes 100 degrees and don’t get me started on the humidity. The thought of those sweat stains alone could make anyone un, not walk, away from satin. I get it. But that will no longer be a concern.

Here are 3 tips on how to finesse satin when it’s hot as hell outside!

womens pink satin pajama inspired shift dress blue labels boutique

#1 – Wearing cotton panties will be your saving grace.

sideview of pajama inspired pink satin dress blue labels boutique

#2  Rub a thin layer of deodorant between your thighs.  It does wonders to help with the sweat.

close up of pink satin shift dress blue labels boutique

#3 – Toss on a bit on body powder in areas like under your breasts, in your back, and tummy.  This is good for only for lighter colors. The powder will eventually seep through and show in dark colors.

satin pink shift dress with navy lining blue labels boutique

Thoughts on rocking satin in the Summer?  Leave a comment.

                                                                  Stay Fearless 💋

pink-black-satin-shift-dress blue labels boutique

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