Bodysuits: The Good & Bad + How To Pick A Good One

Bodysuits are everywhere as they should be.  I love a good bodysuit myself.  But I’ll admit it isn’t all good.   They can be fun to style in but there’s dark side to it.  Maybe dark isn’t the right word.

It’s like the first time you buy a jumper.  They are stylish and sexy but it never occurred  to me that being butt naked in a public bathroom stall will be a requirement when you wear it out.  Not that it would change my mind but this is something a girl has to consider.  You know what I mean?!

Well, the same thing goes for bodysuits.  Good thing, FNF is here to help you out with such a pressing issue.  Whether you are new to bodysuits or an OG, here’s the lowdown.

The Good

  • The days of holding the top of your pants when bending are over.  The bodysuit stays tucked.
  • They are figure flattering.  Lose boxy tops are nice.  But when you want to accentuate, a bodysuit can be a “go to”.
  • They come with panties.

The Bad

  • If it’s the wrong size, you will get a wedgie with every arm raise and/or bend over.
  • Pantylines


It is easy to avoid the pitfalls.  Follow these simple tips and you will fall in love with your next bodysuit.

Size Matters – Too tight ain’t right when it comes to bodysuits. Don’t go with a size smaller if you want it to be formfitting. If the top is smaller then the panties are a size smaller too. You will be alot of things but comfortable isn’t what comes to mind. Definitely go with the size top that you would usually wear.

Be Supportive – If strapless is your style then you need a bra that provides enough support to ‘em together. This is even more important if it doesn’t have some type of built bra support. You will be thankful that you did.

No Lines – If pantylines aren’t your thing, no worries. Just remember this:

The Goodbadofbodysuit


Leave your bodysuit thoughts in the comments…

Stay Fearless 💋


Bodysuit $19.99

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