Feeling Peachy With Drusilla Shay

You know that feeling you have when you run across a feed on social media and you just have to click the follow button?  Well, I got that follow feeling upon stumbling on Drusilla aka @drusillashay.   This beauties instagram page is flooded with a modern style aesthetic, natural haircare tips, and glam lifestyle images that will leave you some serious inspiration!
 See how she answered our fun fashion questions.  Plus, she shows up 3 completely different ways to style the Georgia Peach Dress.
peach dress in drusilla shay blue labels boutique dress
Define your style in 3 words or less 
Sophisticatedly Simple
What’s the song you play when it’s time to get ready to go out with your girls?
It changes ever so often but at the moment, our get-ready songs are Humble by Kendrick Lamar and Shape of You by Ed Sheeran
If I had to wear the same color every single day, it would be ______________.
That’s quite the tough question! I love variety so it would be tough to wear the same color every day but I would wear orange everyday if possible. I love the way it compliments my skin tone. My second option is black because it’s a neutral tone, which means I can go wild with my accessories.
What’s the best thing about rocking natural hair?
The best thing about rocking natural hair is my ability to be versatile. The texture of my hair allows me to get as fun and creative with styles as I want.
Why do you like fashion?
I don’t like fashion, I LOVE fashion. It gives me freedom and control to express myself creatively through my own presentation. With fashion I can be whomever I want, whenever I want, with no limitations.
What’s the most fearless thing you have done?
The most fearless thing I have done (and continue to do) was to stop allowing fear to dictate my next step. At some point in my life I started to realize that I missed out on a lot of opportunities because I was always fearful of the “What-If” but I accepted the truth that I was not given the spirit of fear. Now I dive into new opportunities, no matter how unfamiliar and scary they may seem, because I would never know if it is meant to be if I don’t take on the challenge in the first place.
 peach off the shoulder dress blue labels boutiqueDrusillaShayPeachDress2
drusillashaypeachdressdrusillashaypeach7peach off the shoulder dress blue labels boutique
Thanks to Drusilla for combining fashion forces with us and rocking the Georgia Peach Dress!  Leave your thoughts in the comments…
Stay Fearless  💋

peach off the shoulder dress blue labels boutique

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