7 Simple Tips On How To STAY Popping On Date Night

If you are in a relationship, you know all about date night.  Hopefully, it sounds at least vaguely familiar.  Let’s keep it real, making time for eachother is super important.  But after settling into a long relationship, how does a girl continue to keep it popping and fresh for her man?  The concept is alot easier than you might think.  At least it will be after you see these super, simple ways to change it up and always make date night the right night.


#1 – Change your lipstick color.  If he is used to seeing you in chapstick or light colors, switch it up!  A bold color will definitely turn his head.

(Tip: Go with a long wearing brand so that you won’t make his lips red, too.)

maxi skirt with side zipper blue labels boutique
Hello Merlot Skirt

#2 – Wear something completely different style from what he’s used to.  If you normally rock jeans and throw on a slinky skirt instead.

red cape dress blue labels boutique
Cape Dress

#3 – Wear red.  It is known to be an emotionally intense color associated with passion, desire, and love. All necessary for a good date, right?

pink shift dress blue labels boutique
Mrs. Drama Queen Dress

#4Wear Pink.  Pink is associated with being sweet, nice, romantic, charming, feminine, and tender.  It is often referred to as the color of universal love of oneself and of others!

@economyofstyle wearing choker from Blue Labels Boutique

# 5 – Rock a unique accessory.  Necklaces and hoop earrings are fine but change it up with accessories that have a reputation for being sexy.  Such as a body harness or body chain.   Even a strappy bralette or a simple choker will do the trick.

wrap skirt styled with graphic tee blue labels boutique
Old Tee | Leather Wrap Skirt | Minkoff Clutch | Madden Booties | Sunglasses

#6 – Raid his closet.  Wear something of his and make it your own.   Convert one of his old tees into a crop top.  Or tie one of his shirts around your waist over a mini dress.

wearing a wig, photo by mike-wilson-213590
📸 – Mike Wilson

# 7 – Change up your hair.  Try out a new wig, extensions, temporary hair color.  They are fun and temporary.  Why not be a red head for the night?

See it’s easy peesy!  Have you tried any of these?  What tip would share?

Stay Fearless 💋



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