So, Balls Are The Latest Trend, Huh?

Accessories can really put the oomph in an outfit.  By oomph taking your look from “okay” to “OKAY, I see you!”

If I had to decide which accessory makes the biggest style impact, I would definitely pick earrings.  As a matter of fact, they are probably the best facelifters in the game.  Earrings frame the face and draws the attention to that pretty face of yours.  They can take an outfit from casual to dressy within seconds.  Besides all of that, they are one of the most budget-friendly ways to update a look or try a new style.

When it comes to what’s trending right now, let’s just say if it dangles, its on!  It started with pom poms and transformed into…balls.  Yes you read right.  Balls probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you consider trends but it should be.  And it’s all about the earrings.  From pom poms to fringe, gemstones to balls and beyond.   Check out the latest trends in earrings.

These chord wrapped ball earring with fringe will dust your shoulders off in style.

denim dress and ball fringe earrings blue labels boutique
Dress | Earrings

These ball trio earrings are fun and will add serious color to your ‘fit.

Dress | Earrings

Add more hang time with these…

Dress | Earrings [Model Sade A. Spence | 📸 by @718sean.p]

In the words of Jay Z “if you feeling like a pimp, gon’ brush your shoulders off…” with long earrings, statement-making earrings.  Which are your favorite?

Stay Fearless 💋

More styles available at BLB!

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